I’m thrilled to share I have been selected as a finalist for the Photocraft Winter Scholarship! But I need your help if I’m going to win! Please vote- it literally takes 1 minute! Vote Here for Rascal & Roses

The very talented Lyndsey James-photographer and general photography guru owns and teaches photocraft courses and the scholarship offers a chance to win a place on the flagship 5 week e-course.


How amazing would that be? Well pretty amazing! One of the biggest problems I have is showing customers just how fab the furniture and other amazing Rascal & Roses pieces are without customers coming to a shop! The only way is through the website so photos need to be tip top. And as for the blog well no one wants to read a blog with ugly photos!


But what is even more exciting for me is the judging panel for the scholarship award. So accompanying Lyndsey on the judging panel is-OMG, just reading the names is pretty exciting:”>IMG_5254.JPG

Annie Sloan – no introduction required if you read this blog-and yes I mean THE Annie Sloan – of Chalk Paint fame!


Jane Means – Jane Means Ribbons and Giftwrapping – again you’ll have read my posts on her fabulous ribbons and my tutorials as I am one of Jane’s very own Craft Ribbon Bloggers.


Rhoda Parry – Editor of Country Homes and Interiors Magazine – pretty much my favourite monthly guilty pleasure, perfect to accompany a long soak and a glass of wine. And my daily fix of the Country Days blog keeps me bang up to date with lots of wonderful country classic interior news.


Matt Doris – Leader of Etsy’s International Community Programmes team, driving social initiatives focused on developing Etsy’s people powered marketplace.


And the final judge: YOU!!!! The public vote Counts at 1 sixth of the panel so please please vote, I promise I’ll make it worth your while with lots of beautiful photos if I win!