So, the sun is shining, the birds are tweeting and everything is marvelous. Except then I looked out of the window and realised that I don’t have a garden like this:


I have a garden more like this: (well actually – this is my garden.)


Urgh. How depressing. Not the beautiful, colourful haven of tranquility that I should have, oh no, this is pretty much your issue Army garden. Lawn and fences (well apparently lawn, I’m not wholly convinced though). Now I’m not complaining, plenty of people have no gardens, but sometimes, just sometimes it would be nice to have a lovely garden.

Now for us, landscaping is not really an option, well technically it is, but then we’d have to re-landscape the lawn again and with the possibility of moving in another 12 months quite frankly its not going to happen. So, I’ve decided to go for some other options. These are things that won’t involve having to be a landscape gardening, shouldn’t break the bank – but should cheer up any gloomy space – small or large! And the best thing – you can take it all with you when you move.

1. Paint some Flower pots. Its not rocket science, but its cost effective and it looks lovely, anytime of the year. So grab a tin of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (you know, the one your bought to paint every piece of furniture you own, but actually only managed to do one chair) yes that one – anyway grab it and get going. It takes literally a few minutes.


2. Chimneas. Not an awful lot to say, but they are a great focal point and who is ever going to complain about roasting marshmallows in your own garden. You don’t even need to spend the night camping to indulge.


3. Cushions. Quite frankly, you can never have enough. Just get some. For your chairs, for the floor, everyone needs cushions.


4. Ladders and Sheds. I used to think they were boring and unnecessary, but then I realised you could paint them, and now they are amazing. Think vintage, think shabby chic, think secret garden and you’re there!


5. Benches. For some reason, massively underutilised. No idea why, they are brilliant for extra seating and for lounging and generally a useful piece of furniture. Get involved, they are lovely.


Well, having now publically shamed myself I guess I had better get going…I promise to show you the “After” shots soon and when I feel lazy I shall remind myself of this beautiful garden below. Good luck everyone.


Let me know how you get on!