Now when I say imminent I don’t mean you’re likely to move house this week, I mean more like in the next 12-24 months or maybe a bit shorter, but in general: Life Hacks when you know your living accommodation isn’t permanent!


Anyway, now that’s clear I’ll explain myself fully. Basically, there are lots of very clever and creative people and thankfully they like to show us all how clever and creative they are by putting things on the Internet. Then people far less clever and creative but probably a lot nosier (like me) find all these brilliant ideas and put them all in a handy blog post so that I can remember to do them and so people (like you) can take a read!

So I’m trying to narrow down my Top 5 Life Hacks for your home. It’s proving quite difficult, but definitely making it into the running at number 5 are:

Command Strips –

Genius. Literally genius. These are for those of us unlucky enough to have to “put right” every single mark, nail hole, finger print prior to moving out of military quarters -or risk a ludicrous charge for someone not to come and “put right” said dents…but that’s a whole other story (rant) that I’m not going to go into. But back to command strips.

They are clever strips of extremely strong Velcro that you stick to your wall and to your picture instead of hooks and wire. They are brilliant.
A lovely friend recommended them to us and I was doubtful, would they work? Surely they would mark the walls? Um no they don’t and yes they work. They are pricey but in my opinion completely worth it-and anyway think of the money you save on filler, sandpaper, Dulux Magnolia Matt paint and of course your sanity.

Obviously you can use as many or as few as you like-but quite frankly without the misery of having to fill holes, here are some splendid ideas for using your command strips to really make use of your wall space-in fact you now have no excuses for your home not to look like a cool, trendy, avant garde art installation: (all pictures from Pinterest).









But even if you don’t fancy velcroing everything you own to your wall they are also really useful for bathrooms, utility rooms and space saving in general, cupboards, shelves, small spaces. Everywhere!





So now you know. Everyone NEEDS to get some! Thanks for reading and pop by tomorrow when I’ll be running through No4 on the list…I know the excitement must be killing you!

Verity x

3 thoughts on “Top 5 Life Hacks when moving is imminent: No5

  1. Indeed-very useful for students, I hadn’t thought of that-a lot more useful that the good old days of rubbish bluetac…! Thanks Jo xx

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