Colour trends amaze me. Well amaze may be the wrong word; more accurate would be, I love colour trends. The way that Pantone (the all-choosing-colour-decider, God of colour) tells us the colours for the upcoming year (and then season) and obediently all manufacturers, designers from cars to children’s clothes get straight to it, making the magic happen.

So, I was thrilled when Spicy Mustard was named by Pantone as one of their fall (autumn) colours and even more excited when word on the street (a very beautiful yellow brick road type street) was that mustard was going to be going with teal. Yes, bright bright, in your face teal. Yes. As you know I love colour & the results of the teal – mustard love it have been awesome.

I have to say I am an even bigger fan of this combination with the mint green. This board by Jelanie Shop  is fabulous, but I’ve already got distracted, so I promise for the rest of the post teal and mustard – only (maybe).


Joules, as always have it spot on with some beautiful outfits. Get thee to a high street immediately. Teal & Mustard. Yes.


And in the world of interiors you literally cannot move.

Teal & Mustard in everything you’d ever need from Polyvore:


You can team it with shades of white and pale grey for a more modern, fresh look (Maison du Monde). teal-and-mustard-sitting-room-bright
Or my all time favourite, go bold or go home; team it with dark blue (Jo Goddard). Immense. This is my room to die for. I need it in my life. And that sideboard is immense (and I have one just like it so, boom).


The only problem is we won’t have a house we can paint for at least another year, so I wonder if Pantone would consider rerunning the mustard teal thing until I can paint my dining room next autumn? I’m sure they will. Or I’ll be “so last year” that it’ll actually be cool? Let’s go for that option!

If you don’t fancy a deep blue wall though what are the other options for bringing teal and mustard into your home? Obviously, accessories. Love love love. I cannot get enough velvet cushions in my life right now. In fact watch this space and you’ll soon be seeing some more but for now admire these beauties….



Teal cushions


And once the velvet sofa is full of velvet cushions, I’m then filling the floor with these brilliant knitted numbers. Amazing.

knitted-cushions Teal and mustard

Cushions [1} [2] [Sofa] [4] [5]

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As always thank you for popping by,

Verity x

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