So, its been a pitifully long time and I could bore you with a long long list of why its been so long, but I won’t! Let’s just say I’ve been busy! However, I’ve missed the blog and I’ve missed writing to you all, so we’re going to draw a line, forget its been 3 months and start again as if nothing had ever happened!

But, where to start. Well it would be hugely remiss of me not to mention the very exciting appearance of not only 1 but 2 of our magnificent linen lined lampshades that starred in the main feature of The English Home June edition! Thank you so much Miranda and The English Home team for getting in touch, I was thrilled to see both make the final cut and doesn’t the photo look marvelous?

English Home Magazine - June 2016The shades that were used were nice and bright and used 4 different fabrics from Charlotte Gaisford’s inaugural range the Hermitage Collection. I love how Charlotte’s fabrics can be mixed and matched and there period designs are brought bang up to date using bright bold colours! Fabulous!

Charlotte Gaisford Pink/Green Green Drum Shade

These were 30cm lined and 40cm lined and looked so great scaled up and would adorn any dining room perfectly.

Charlotte Gaisford ranges are so vibrant and refreshing and there is so much variety. This is just a taster of some of her original collection the Hermitage Range and she’s now got 3 complete collections.

So, that’s post number 1 down…time to work out what I can tell you next time!

As always, and especially after such a long wait, thank you for popping by and do come and see us again soon.

Verity x

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