One of the rooms that has really has got me in a tizz in our new home is the master bedroom.

We’ve got a very (some might say excessively) large master bedroom in our new house. Its wonderful to have so much space, but with 3 windows (all different sizes and at different heights) and it being much more rectangular in shape than square – to make it a beautiful, practical will definitely be a challenge.

¬†Second to the actual challenge of me choosing colours (don’t even get me started) is the fact that I also have to get Maj (Ret’d) C to agree…ummm easier said than done. So, I’ve headed to Pinterest to get some ideas and I think I have a plan forming…problem is I have about 9 plans forming, so definitely some editing required.

We both agree it needs to be peaceful and relaxing and while my immediate thought it always colour colour everywhere, I’m trying very hard to go more down the peaceful (more neutral path)…but while we are on the subject of colour – OMG how amazingh is the styling of this chest of drawers – I tell you, dark furniture is coming back. Big time.

Anyway, back to it, from everything I’ve looked at, this has got to be my favourite option. Simple, calming but modern and crisp. I’m a fan.

But, I’m going to be honest, I’m not sure how long I’ll last with a classic, calming, neutral scheme. I have to build into the scheme the fact that we have quite a lot of dark furniture, which we don’t want to paint much of, so any colour and texture is going to have to come from elsewhere. The problem lies with my tendency to be drawn to the brightest colours available, even though I know that won’t really suit what we have to work with…so I’m trying to use my head this time & not my heart!

I love the impact of these blue walls, but I don’t think its a viable option for us, mainly due to the fact that we’ve not got much ceiling height and our window frames are stained and I really do think you need to be able to balance it with the white to get the right impact.

Grey walls in Master Bedroom with dark wood furniture - Rascal & Roses

The greys are looking more promising, lighter tones rather than the darker, but more like the kind of look I’m after. We will see.

Grey Master Bedroom with Yellow Accents - MAster Bedroom inspiration Rascal & Roses

Now any option with mustard yellow wins my vote. I can’t stand the curtains, but there is certainly a lot in here that makes me rather happy. Right better get going with my notepad!

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So the next step for me has got to be choosing a fabric for the windows and then we can work out wall colours and furniture colours (for pieces that are being painted). We don’t want to go too crazy on the walls…well I don’t mind, but the landlord might and so I’m trying to go steady on that bit at least. Once that is done I can pick my accent colour – whoop whoop (although lets be honest I might already have it, and it might be yellow) – the best bit for all the rest of the sort furnishings…including a box cushion for the window seat! Stay tuned and I’ll of course let you know how I’m getting on.

As always thank you so much for popping by,

Verity x

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