The sun is shining, the rain has stopped (for today at least) and we have been enjoying the beautiful Rutland Countryside. Now that The Rascal can toddle about dog walking is considerably easier, albeit considerably slower.

Anyway, as we basked in  the sun I started wondering how long we would have to wait until we dusted off the garden furniture and could start to enjoy some outdoor living again. And then I remembered. By the time its warm enough to enjoy lunch in the garden we will no longer live in this house or in Rutland. In fact we will be somewhere else (who knows where yet) because as is the age old tradition of Army Officers’ families around the world, its time for the biannual house swap!

Well, not a literal house swap. We don’t all spy out people’s houses and say we’d like that one next please, but its not far off. Army Officers get posted every 2 years ( give or take) and its very rare that posts are within the same area and therefore we move around a lot.

Now, lots of people in the Army love moving, lots hate it and lots just accept its part of the deal. Now, I think I fall into the love moving group (because I love moving) but Major C does not love moving. I love moving because it means I can rearrange rooms and get things sorted that I haven’t done since the last move. Still on the list; frame wedding pictures, print baby pictures, buy a decent bookshelf, throw out all my clothes that don’t fit and of course: paint more furniture!!!

But, the thought of our imminent move has got me thinking. The problem with moving around Army Quarters is you know you’re never going to be there very long and you have to return each house EXACTLY how you found it – down to the number of the holes in each wall to the length of the grass, and lets not forget washing, ironing and rehanging the revolting Army Issue (always too short) curtains and ensuring you match the identical magnolia crown paint in every single available piece of wall- I will dig you all out some photos to peruse. When you know you’re not going to be there long its really easy to simply not bother making your new house a home, its a lot of effort knowing that whatever you do has to be put back next year and you’re back to square one, but I believe its imperative to make your house lovely!

And its more than possible. All it takes is a bit of effort, some imagination and tonnes of enthusiasm, but it is all worth it! So, this is my introduction as to why, and over the next couple of months I’m going to keep you updated as to how our move is going and come May I should be able to show you all our new home!

As a starter for ten I’ve been surfing Pinterest (of course) and managed to find some genius ideas for displaying photographs that don’t include using a nail and hammer in your precious magnolia walls…I will definitely be pinching some of these.


This is my favourite of all the options, but I’m not sure how toddler/spaniel proof it may be?


This is so easy and looks brilliant & would be an excuse to buy a new desk. Winner.



I am a fan of anything utilitsing wooden clothes pegs


We have so many clip board (why oh why?) but we do, now I can keep them for another 20 year! Whoop.


Clever & Effective 100% upcycled.


This is also spectacular – more research required as to where I can find one!


Beautiful & simple, but shelves will prove problematic for me – normal home dwellers do this though, its wonderful.


I knew there was a reason why I had 3 vintage ladders in the garage.

Thanks for reading the Introduction to The Way to a More Beautiful Home Series – here are the rest of the posts:

Part 1: Need an Office Without Loosing a Room?

Verity x

6 thoughts on “Introduction: The Army’s on the move…again & Photo Display Ideas

  1. 29 moves in 17years baby, I’m am adept! For me, it’s about the accessories. G’ma’s bead covered whiskey bottle comes in my suitcase (to hell with the weight) and I’m home immediately.

  2. Haha Nomes,

    I remember those bottles-amazing!

    I may have to interview you for my “how to move house the least painful way” post!

    Thanks for dropping by.

    Verity x

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