Interior Design

Interior Design


Our range of services is scalable from full interior design and project management to smaller redecoration projects.  We leverage our in-house team of skilled artisans and the trusted partners we work with to deliver unique designs and creative solutions on time, within budget and to an impeccable, flawless finish.

Verity’s incredible knack for colour and unique style makes Rascal & Roses the choice for those wanting a home with a timeless design and the wow factor.


With our natural lean toward traditional country style with an elegant, contemporary mix, our expertise lends itself to boutique hotels, luxury country retreats and private schools. We know the ins and outs of commercial regulations and  make the level of detail and design intricacies of a residential project work in a commercial setting.

We specialise in quirky, period properties ensuring that the character and original features are respected and highlighted.  Through our use of bold colours and light, we are able to bring to life otherwise dark rooms.

Rascal & Roses offer a full turnkey service for our interior design clients.

Phase 1


We spend time getting to know our clients to gain a full understanding of their brief, core objectives and final desired outcome.  We take everything into account from the clients’ ideas to their budget to their timeline.



Jan 22

Phase 2


And so the magic begins as we lay the foundations for the overall style, finish and feel of the completed project though a design concept. Using inspirational pictures and examples of suggested design elements we build a full presentation of ideas, schemes, strategy and preliminary costings.



Jan 22

Phase 3


This is the exciting part where we present the client with mood boards, furniture layouts, lighting plans, visuals and sketches – whatever is needed to illustrate the finished design.



Jan 15

Phase 4


Project management is vital to all renovation projects and we work seamlessly with third parties; whether they are architects, builders or contractors outside of our trusted network.



Jan 15

Phase 5


We ensure that every item is in place, even down to fresh flowers for the vases, so that when our clients turn the key in their door they are more than satisfied with their choices and investment.



Jan 15