Right, its been an age since I wrote. I know I promised that this would never happen again, and then it happened again but this time I cross my heart – I will be blogging more. A lot more….I promise (tentatively, possibly with my fingers crossed behind my back). There, I said it, so now I have to do it- but what to write?

Well you’ll be pleased to hear that in my absence from the blog I have been super busy, alas I have not just been sunning myself on a secluded beach sipping cocktails and working on my tan. Alas, I have not been. So Autumn has crept upon us slowly and surely and it turns out the number of irons I have in the fire has also crept up on me also. But its ok because Autumn is beautiful, so we’ve had lots of fun enjoying that too.
So, what have I been up to? Well, apart from juggling the toddler, the springer and the now walking 10 month old (Why oh why would you start walking before you can even bare to have shoes on your feet?), Anyway, apart from that, I’ve been working on some exceedingly fabulous new ranges that I’m going to be able to show you very shortly.

I’m not really allowed to show you now, but here’s a quick sneak peak of 1 of our 5 new ranges which is called “Town Meets Country”.

This beautiful print of London streets is the real star of the range, but its perfectly balanced against some cheeking tweeds and plaids as well as some extremely thick linens to really bring a room together-we’ve had it printed especially on silk for our lampshades, but also have it in linen for some beautiful cushions.

The idea of our new ranges is to solve the age old problem of what to do when you can’t decorate your home but you want it to look beautiful and have some character. We’re talking renters, lodgers, military families who are destined to live with magnolia walls for an eternity-as well as those that like a change but don’t want to repaint every season. Well, despair no longer! Here at Rascal and Roses we have the solution.

There are 5 ranges in total (more to come very soon) and each range will include – lampshades, cushions, bedspreads and throws, doorstops, blinds and curtains. They can be used throughout the house, but we primarily aimed them at bedrooms or living rooms. All have been carefully chosen and curated to make it possible to mix and match within each scheme.

This means you get the best of both worlds – you get the highest quality handmade bespoke products, but you don’t have to put a whole rooms together from scratch. We’ve taken out the hard work and left the fun bit to you!

Don’t worry, I’ll be showing you lots of examples in the coming weeks and I would love some feedback on them too please!

And here endeth the first blog back – and look at that – a whole page without any mention of the C-Word….not for long though, November is definitely time to start your Christmas planning!

Thanks for popping by

Verity x

Verity x

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