When I first started my blog some of the most popular posts I did were hacks to make your home instantly better – minimal effort, maximum inpact! Ace.

So as we prepare for the madness of our move, I’m still trying to sort out ways to make the new house look great and look great quickly! It is after all less than 2 weeks until Christmas!
So I’ve been toying with picture ledges for the children’s rooms for ages – cheap and cheerful from IKEA and the prefect size to keep all their books on. Easily accessible and a great way to fill walls and stop the avalanche of books, which seems to happen ever single night during bedtime stories.


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But as I looked more closely into the whole book storage options, I decided we were missing a bit of trick here. We’ve got soooooo many photos and pictures and keepsakes in frames and I struggle sometimes to curate them into something that doesn’t look entirely random, but I think this time picture ledges are the answer. Here are some fab examples of how they’ve been used:





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I’ve got some arriving on Wednesday, so I’ll let you know how it goes, but I’m pretty hopeful they are going to be a winner for displaying all our lovely belongings without a vast cost or permanent alternative, so perfect for now.

In the meantime I will be quite busy moving our entire lives across the country, but I’ll be back as soon I can be!

Thanks for popping by,


Verity x

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