The time has finally come where we are moving. By Christmas we’ll be out of Married Quarters and into a “real” house! One that, whilst not ours completely (we’re renting for a bit as kind of ran out of  to time to buy our dream house…) we will still have a little more to work with than the standard white box.

So, rather than start making lists and getting rid of all the things we don’t need before our final big move, or being organised and sorting out change of addresses, I thought what better way to spend my time than on pinterest?

Clearly, this is the best use of my time (Maj C probably does not agree with this, but hey ho)-that’s just how I roll.

So, while perusing Pinterest I stumbled upon the solution to a problem I didn’t even know I had; a serious lack of bookshelves in my life.

As I delved deeper, the solution became clearer-if you were ever in doubt. You need bookshelves and lots of them. And thus my latest obsession is amazing bookshelving for your home. Here’s some  inspiration for your home library:

The basic rule is, wherever there is a space, there is space for books! A perfect example here of a well utilised alcove.

Space under the stairs that you can’t use? Um, obviously you can use it-turn it into a bookshelf.

Walls already full of lovely art? We’ll turn your bookcases on their sides and bingo-amazing book storage. There is a brilliant IKEA hack along the same lines which I’ll be showing you soon.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5


Even in small homes there’s space for a bookshelf. Ideal for unused space in a hallway.

If you’ve got little people (with little rooms) still no excuse…turns out your can fit bookshelves in there too. These are actually IKEA spice racks-genius. Ideal for displaying small people’s books and can be painted to match walls too.

Build in shelves around the windows-massive space saver and looks brilliant to boot.

And of course, if you have a secret passageway door that needs to be hidden, what better way? Home libraries, so many uses.

I love this idea of using the space around the stairs. It also allows for easy access to your favourite reads.

6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

And finally, this has got to be my dream home library. In fact this is my dream home. (And full-stop). But i digress, back to the books.

This beautiful home belongs to Emma Burns, senior decorator at Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler and you can see more over at House & Garden.

I know lots of my lovely readers have amazing libraries in their homes and it would be fab if you could share them with us (over on our Facebook page is probably easiest. And for those still yearning for the perfect spot to read, hopefully this has helped!

As always thank you for popping by,

Verity x

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  1. When I’m a proper grown up, my dream house will have a library – only a modest one, I’m not thinking full Beauty and the Beast. A wall of floor to ceiling bookshelves, a squishy old leather sofa and a sash window looking into the hills beyond… But for now these pictures will have to do! ?

    Kayte |

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