Which way to the Beach?

So, second to the kitchen, which irritates me on a daily basis-the second room that is liable to send me into a jealous rage when we visit “normal” houses are bathrooms.

There seem to be no avocado or brown bathroom suites left anymore. These used to cheer me up, because in general however ridiculous Army house’s bathrooms were, they were at least white. Or off white at worst. But alas people have realised they don’t need to have purple baths anymore, they have options- unless of course you’re in married quarters. Then your bathroom decorating options are significantly limited.

So this is what I’d like my bathroom to look like:

    dream bathroom

This is what my bathroom does look like.

loo before


And I’m going to be honest, this is pretty good as far as Army bathrooms go. For a start it has a loo in it – actually in the bathroom, not in a separate room, next to the bathroom, but in the room. Yeah. That’s really where the joy ends.

sink before


radiator before


shower before

As you can see, we have some beautiful features lovely. The stained/faded/shrinking lino, the ill-fitting curtains and the piece de resistance the shower, which looks sparkly and lovely, doesn’t actually work -well it does, but only enough to make the bath leak and so the Army kindly came and fixed that:

leak stopper

Genius. The best job ever. Anyway, I digress. My point is, its pretty uninspiring, but I am determined its going to look lovely. Its my new project and I can’t wait to get started. I’m going to do a proper update in a week and hopefully, fingers crossed it’s going to look fabulous – well it can hardly look any worse can it?!

So here’s some ideas to give you a clue about my plan…I promise to let you know how I get on as soon as I’m done.

Storage: doesn’t have to be ugly. It can be lovely looking too! Cupboards, hooks, baskets, ladders – all viable options.

blue cabinettallboywhite hookswhite chairwhite ladder

Colour-coordinated Accessories – so basically, we’re talking towels, bathmats, shower curtains, blinds, but basically towels. I love towels and here are some beauts.

Blue towels in bathroom

pile of towelsblue haman towel.

Bits & Bobs – just that really, nice things that well, look nice.


soak plate

rope knots

wooden poster

wooden mirror

beach huts

So, it appears that there is a significant requirement to get crafting in order to achieve this (without spending a small fortune) so turns out the update may be a little longer than a week, but we will see. Until next time.


Verity x

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