Weekly Wonders

This week’s top 5 are back and now Halloween is out of the way it is definitely time to start thinking about Christmas.

The Weekly Wonders are literally just 5 things that I love that I think you might love too*.

Rascal & Roses Weekly Wonders

Now the clocks have gone back I’d like to say I enjoyed my extra hour in bed, alas with 2 under 3s all we got to enjoy was an extra hour of Octonauts last Sunday. But not to give up the dream completely, I did take the opportunity to buy some fabulous new bed sheets from, well where I always buy them from, The White Company. I’ve never been disappointed with a purchase and their Hoxton Waffle Collection doesn’t either. As you know I’m a massive fan of fresh flowers (and faux flowers) but Bloom and Wild are always my go to when sending flowers, beautiful, fresh and they last for ages.

I’ve started compiling my own Christmas list early this year as I always forget and as my last bottle of perfume has nearly gone top of the list is Chanel No 5 – till my favourite “special occasion” perfume, not my everyday one, obviously (please say I’m not the only one that has everyday and special occasion perfume?).

The beautiful creations in the right hand corner are meringue kisses made by the Meringue Girls and I can confirm they taste as amazing as they look. They make wonderful presents and you should definitely try them when you get the chance.

And finally I thought I’d give you a quick heads up about a fellow Upcycled Hour pal (more about Upcycled Hour soon) and show you the wonderful work of Debbie Carne of Alijoe Designs. Debbie transforms vintage plates and makes wonderful works of art for your walls and she’s just launched a new range of beautiful and functional bone china ware. I love it and can’t wait to move house and have some of her master pieces hanging on my walls.

*[I would also say at this point sat no time have any of these brands sponsored m, showered me with products or any other such favours in kind for including them in Weekly Wonders – although if they did want to offer me any of those things, that would be amazing (& I’d always tell you before I wrote about them!) Genuinely these are the things that I have spent my own hard earned cash to buy and are things I adore, so don’t feel like I’m hard selling you, I’m definitely not.]

Thank you so much for popping by and have a fabulous week,

Verity x

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