Week 3: #InternetChairPainting: The Equipment

I must apologise for the lateness of this post – it was always going to happen and to be honest –I’m surprised I managed to deliver you all 3 weeks on time in a row. I have a good excuse though I promise. As you know #ICP comes out on a Wednesday , only this Wednesday there was a serious crisis here at Rascal & Roses HQ, I lost my engagement and wedding rings (1 of each – rather than engagement rings plural and wedding rings plural)…

chair paint selector

Anyway I literally spent 15 hours looking for them, as did Major C and he even had to retrace my dog walk that day, on hand and knees in the dark with a head-torch on the search. Needless to say as a last effort before I went to bed I tried the airing cupboard (somewhere I rarely venture if being honest) and there they were- staring me straight in the eyes. I must have left them the there the previous evening post bath. Anyway Major C has almost forgiven me and I am now trying to claw back my lost 15 hours (nearly there)!

Right, more importantly, back to week 3 – this is where #InternetChairPainting starts getting exciting! Its time to hit the shops.” Yeah” I hear you cry, closely followed by “oh no, what do I need?” Well, that’s why this post is here, to provide you with a handy list of things you’ll need to transform those marvelous chairs:

1. Paint – Clearly this will be pretty crucial for participation in #ICP. Now, as regular readers will know I am a massive fan of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I have no issues with saying that, I adore her products. As far as I am concerned they work ,they are quick, easy and they do the job I want.

annie sloan tins and brush

This is not to say there are not other products available that will do as good, if not better jobs as Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. The only reason I don’t use other products is because I honestly haven’t had a reason to look elsewhere. The other most well known brand that as far as I can work out does the same thing as ASCP is a brand called Authentico Paint.

Which ever paint you chose, both are great as it means you don’t need to prep your chair, you don’t need to sand it down or chip old paint off or do all the things that you never want to do when you decide you want to paint things! I promise this is not a lie, you really don’t have to – I have painted my fair share of wooden furniture now and I can hand on heart say no preparation is required – this is why the paint is sooooo glorious.


Anyway, Annie Sloan has 32 basic colours and she supplies to small independent shops. There will most likely be one near you, but if not lots of her stockists sell online so I’d try there if it’s a bit of trek. If you don’t see a colour you like on the chart (or one that you have extensively researched last week as homework) then don’t panic, the colour selection is purposely kept to a minimal so that you can mix them to get the exact colour you want. Its super easy to mix the paints and I’ll show you next week how to do it. If you are worried about cost and all you are planning to paint is your chair I would strongly suggest you buy the tester pots – they will easily cover one chair (most likely 2-3) and will keep costs down.

Annie sloan tester pots

2. Wax – Annie Sloan has her own brand of soft waxes which protect the chalk paint and will make your chair lovely and silky to the feel. They are easy to apply (as I’ll show you) but I would warn you about longevity and effectiveness of the wax. It comes in clear and dark and it is genuinely very good. It leaves the finish silky and soft to touch. The down side of the wax in my experience though is that is is not overly hard wearing. It definitely does the job but if your chair is going to be used day in day out then you’ll find you’re going to have to reapply. And if you happen to have 20 grubby fingers coming in contact daily with your beautiful chairs you’ll need to be re-waxing quite frequency. Now if you are going for a shabby chic look then it probably won’t make a jot of difference. But if you’re going for quite a clean, smooth finish then you’re likely to notice the marks and it will start driving you up the wall.

AS wax

You have 2 options. Be prepared to re-wax more regularly – completely doable and as you add the extra layers it will become more and more robust. Or, use something else. There are hundreds of other wax and varnish products on the market and while clearly Annie Sloan wax is designed to compliment Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, that doesn’t mean other waxes and varnishes won’t work . I’ll be honest and tell you an interior wood varnish that dries hard will be more robust than a soft wax, but it won’t feel as silky. The choice is yours.

3. Brushes – So if you are a keen bean then I would strongly recommend Annie Sloan brushes. They are lovely natural bristle, they look beautiful (entirely irrelevant, but pleasing none the less) and they work well. This is why I use them. It’s a personal preference, although I would add if you have spindles on your chair then these brushes are ideal as they get much better coverage than you normal flat ended brush. On the downside, they do use a lot of paint and if you’re using a tester pot you’ll struggle to get many of them into the pots! You may be noticing a theme here, in essence its up to you. Any paint brush will work.

paint brushes

Brushes don’t have secret powers that make things become painted better, its down to the person painting said thing. It is perfectly possible to paint with any brush and still get a lovely finish. Anyone that tells you otherwise is trying to flog you a paintbrush!

4. Rags – Old or new, it doesn’t matter, preferably clean but not essential. Not that much I need to say about these, they are rags, I’d just get some. You’ll need them for wiping stuff and for applying wax and buffing wax and in general when you paint you need rags.

5. Tape – Now if you want to feel like a professional, I like to pretend I’m on Changing Rooms, but that’s probably just me…anyway if you want to feel like a professional I’d recommend tape called Frog Tape, its green and very good for use when painting. If you’re less concerned with imagining you work with Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen, or you can’t justify the price, good old masking tape works well too.

frog tape

You’ll only need tape if you want to use either a selection of colours that might be touching or if you want to leave some of your chair unpainted.

6. Newspaper, dust sheet or old bed sheet – this is to save your kitchen table or carpet and strongly recommended, but not essential.

7. Stick, branch, wooden spoon – anything that you can stir your paint with!

That’s it, the full list of tools you need before we begin painting! Simples. Now, I admit I may well have skirted around some issues here regarding equipment that are painfully obvious to me (someone that has painted furniture pretty much on a daily basis for the last 30 months), but may not be so obvious to others. If you have a question regarding anything that you need in preparation for week 4 please just ask. You can guarantee if its something you don’t know there will be lots of others that don’t know it too!

Now, in light of the fact that it is now Sunday and you might not be able to get to the shops until next weekend we are going to have a small interlude this week in #ICP. So week 4 will commence on Wednesday 11th February. So now there are no excuses, you’ve got 10 days to go back and complete weeks 1,2 & 3 in time for the fun stuff in week 4!

Thanks for dropping by, see you soon and happy shopping!

Verity x

2 thoughts on “Week 3: #InternetChairPainting: The Equipment

  1. I’ve got two hand-me-down chairs that were my Grans, then my mum’s and now mine. They are a dark wood and arent really ‘me’ so wanted to paint them for a while, so I was delighted to stumble across this! Popped to my nearest Annie Sloan stockist today and picked up pots of old white and providence – I’m thinking mostly white but with the turquoise on the lower two thirds of the legs. But I’m very indecisive so that may change…..

    • Joy, so sorry for my late reply.

      So excited that you have some chairs sourced and Provence is one of my favourite colours, it’s very versatile with white as well-I recently finished a quick swatch chart on he different shades you can get with different mixes of Old White and Provence, I’ll try and pin it to this post For you to see. Thanks for popping by and taking the time to write

      Verity x

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