Week 2: #InternetChairPainting: The Look

I am hopeful by now that you have The Chair-or at the very least you have a pretty good idea of which chair is The Chair.  If you don’t know what “The Chair” is, please check out last weeks blog post here. Anyway, this week we’re going to decide what you’d like The Chair to look like.

country multicoloured chairs #ICP

So for those that successfully have The Chair, congratulations-week 1 complete. Luckily, for the remaining 90% of you that haven’t managed to complete the arduous Challenge of week 1, you still have time. You don’t actually need your chair right now, it might help for your challenge this week, but its presence is not physically required. Phew I hear you say. Right now that is out the way you can read on about what you’re not going to do this week…

The Look – Well as they say, the world is your oyster!! What do you want your chair to look like? Do you have a favourite colour in mind? Do you want a chic, modern look or do you want a vintage, aged look?

Only you can decide and there are endless possibilities. However, if you don’t have a clear idea of what you’d like I would start on the beloved Pinterest.

Pinterest – for those of you that are unfamiliar, join. Immediately. It’s awesome and ridiculously inspirational. All you do is type in what you’d like to look at in the search bar and hey presto lots of lovely pictures and ideas at your fingertips.

There is a lovely board that was created by EcoChic Interiors just this week on Upcycled seating (preview below) so this is as good a place as any to start and there’s also a quick shot of My Pinterest account.

eco Chic pinterst
Pinterst chairs #ICP

I’m purposefully not talking about colour this week and I may not talk about it all, because really you just need to go with whatever colour you’d like! Chairs are pretty forgiving in most rooms, so I don’t think it matters if you go a bit crazy. And if you hate the colour you can always do it another colour, so no problem!

While, you can obviously have exactly what you want for The look also, I’ve encapsulated a three basic styles that you might like to look at.

1. Rustic / Shabby Chic – So this is the one you want to chose if you really don’t feel like concentrating in weeks 5/6. It’s by far the easiest and can look absolutely brilliant when done properly. However, if you’re not careful it can also look as if you just haven’t properly painted your chair! Below are some good examples of Rustic.

shabby cream chair #ICP

Granted this really is very rustic, but it looks great, especially against the wooden floor.

shabby mint chair #ICP

Rustic is great with colour, especially pastels – love!

shabby pastel chairs #ICP

2. Classic Country – A personal favourite of mine. A bit more effort to get a perfect finish, but you can get away with a less than perfect finish if needs must.

country grey chair #ICP

Solid colour without the rustic look is lovely with bare wood.

country red chairs

Bright bolds work even better – superb!

country green chairs

country pastel chairs #ICP

But don’t panic – you can still do pastel in country and you can still do mix and match.

3. Striped/barewood/Scandi – Uber stylish, this look takes the most effort but the results are really worth it. Stunning effect that immediately lifts any room. Fabulous.

dip die white chair #ICP

This is definitely a look for the very trendy. But it works in so many ways.

dip die mint chair #ICP

If white is too clinical for you, get the dip die look with natural wood and a colour block.

dip die grey white chairs #ICP

Or just leave the feet – classy, trend and not too in your face!

So, you’re challenge this week if even easier than last week: think about what you would like your chair to look like. That’s it. You can even do while lying in the bath! Have a great week.

Oh and while I remember I would love to see your “before” Chair photos so do send them over – either on here or on Facebook or Twitter. Have a wonderful week everyone.

Verity x

2 thoughts on “Week 2: #InternetChairPainting: The Look

  1. Hello! I am a fellow student at PhotoCraft, so am delighted to discover your work, this week. I harbour a secret chair obsession, which I only reveal to those who understand! This is a great post and really inspiring. As my photography progresses I may feel brave enough to share my chairs with you. In the meantime…Thank you for a lovely post. E xx

    • Eillen,

      Thanks so much for saying Hi. Do stay tuned I think if I set up a Chairs Anonymous it would be well subscribed-you are not alone!

      The course is brilliant isn’t it? I’m hoping to seriously improve my blog pics too-fingers crossed! Xx

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