Week 1: #InternetChairPainting: The Chair

If you are joining us now, welcome! I hope you are excited about #InternetChairPainting ? If you are new and this is the first post you are reading you should check out last night’s post – just so you can fully understand the very complex phenomenon of #InternetChairPainting .

school chairs

As it is week 1 and everyone is just getting back into the swing of, well, life, I’ll try and start with something simple! The first thing you will need if you’d like to join us in #InternetChairPainting (or #ICP as it will now be referred as quite frankly I cant keep typing the excessively long # and anyway its way more cutting edge and trendy this way) is a Chair.

painted chairs white kitchen

Now the chair can be of your choice – which means you can have whatever you’d like . I have no suggestions as to what may or may not work for you, but I can give you some ideas as to where you might find THE chair. My advice would be go with a chair that you LOVE, not just like, but really like, it is afterall THE chair.

yellow ercol chairs

1. You’ve already got it. Take a quick look- have you got a collection of pretty uninspiring chairs in your kitchen or around your dining room table. You know the ones, the ones you acquired (and I say this because most people can’t really remember where they come from), you don’t really like them, never have but you have them because you needed to sit down and these would do until you found THE chairs that you wanted. Well the time is now. These are They – be brave – you hate them anyway, painting cannot make it worse. I promise. This should be the chair you use.

2. You have it stored somewhere waiting to be made THE chair. Go back to the garage/your parents garage/the big yellow storage box and take it out. Either take it out to paint it now as part of #ICP or take it out and burn it, because you are never going to do anything with it if you don’t want to do this with it right now!

3. You’re about to get gifted it. There are hundreds of thousands of unwanted wooden chairs in homes up and down the UK. Honestly, so many. So get 1 (or a set) from someone that hates them and doesn’t know what #ICP is yet and then you don’t even have to pay for THE chair. But ensure before gifting the previous owner is clear the chair is not coming back, because once it becomes THE chair, they may well want it.

4. You’re going to buy it. IF you are slightly less morally corrupt and would rather just buy THE chair for #ICP then you have lots of options:

– Ebay – always a winner. THE chair is there for everyone. Get auctioning and you’ll have it by next week.

– Auction Rooms – I wouldn’t necessarily go all the way to an auction house for just THE chair but its still a pretty fun evening out (I mean, relatively fun, not kind of dinner at the top of The Shard fun, but more fun than Eastenders and Newsnight fun). If you do go though you will find THE chair – it will be cheap. (You’ll probably find 20 THE chairs – they will all be cheap).

– Charity furniture shops – I defy you not to find THE chair in one of these shops. They are always in there. It will probably cost you less than a sandwich from M&S.

– Antique Furniture Shop – now this is where I would like to get THE chair from, beautiful chairs that are unloved but amazingly well built with a history. Magic. They will more than likely cost you the price of 10 of THE chairs from Ebay but in my opinion entirely worth it.

mismatched wooden chairs

Ok, so there are some ideas, in short there are loads of places you can get chairs from.

All you need to do is find THE chair and you have 7 days to do it.

The only thing I would mention at this point is – if you love THE chair and there happens to be a set of THE chair(s) – Do it!!! Get the set. From week 2 onwards it will really not be a lot harder to spruce up 4 chairs than it will be 1. Don’t under any circumstances think you will just do 1 now and then do the other 3 “later” I speak from bitter experience: you won’t. Alternatively 4 mismatched chairs for a kitchen or dining room will look superb, so keep your eye’s peeled.

That is all you have to do though, don’t worry about anything else – there is plenty of time for that.

Thanks for popping by,

Verity x

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