Update to Life Hack No2

It must have been the excitement of telling you all how to fold fitted sheets that made me forget the actual “Life Hack” in the post! Well here it is-


Use a Pillow Case:

Once you’ve folded all your lovely sheets (after ironing them of course) and they are all the rough size you want, simply put each full set of linen into one of the pillow cases in the set and you’re done!

This means when you’re grabbing a set for a certain bed or bedroom, you’ve got all the correct sized sheets and the matching pillow cases and duvet cover without having to rip apart the rest of the cupboard. And you can tell which set is which by the pillow cases! Win, win.

Now, that really is useful! Enjoy, you super organised domestic experts…



Have a great week everyone-I look forward to seeing pics of all your beautifully organised linen cupboards

Verity x

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