Touch down – a New Life in the Country

Wowsa! So, where do I start? From the beginning is usually good, but in this instance I think New Years Greetings are in order, wishing you all the very best for 2017.

Since I last wrote we have moved 150miles (with the assistance of 2 large lorries, a transit van, 5 movers, 4 cars, grandparents (various)) and we’re finally in Hereford! We’ve unpacked (a bit) and hosted 28 adults and 11 under 4s and one ginger tom cat in the past 11 days so we’ve been pretty busy!

Despite the chaos we are loving our new home and I am itching to get going on the decorating and styling. It’s hard to know where to start, but now we’ve been in a few weeks a natural order is starting to emerge.

Without a doubt the kitchen is the main hub of this home. Its spacious and light, with space for a table and had the main stairs in the corner so a well travelled space. As we’re renting we don’t really want to spend a large money investing in a new kitchen and no requirement thus far. Ours is in good condition and with our smart new Christmas Rangemaster purchase there isn’t much we need (apart from a new dishwasher – ours died just before new year- worst timing; ever).

As time has been quite limited I had already considered colour schemes before we moved and was initially set on green (see my previous post) and although I am a super fan of green – so pleased it’s Pantone Colour of the Year – it just didn’t feel quite right, so back to drawing board and we’ve decided on blue. 

The Sanderson/Emma Bridgewater “Dresser” Fabric has been a favourite of mine for yonks and I just think it’s perfect for our kitchen blinds and the duck eggs and other gorgeous blue/greens from Marston & Langinger are peaceful and go wonderful with the classic cream country-kitchen. But I think they’re a enough interest and colour that I shouldn’t get bored too quickly. And it’s all topped off with a thick Door Curtain and a window seat in Sarah Hardaker’s Coco complimenting the whole look perfectly.

Our old furniture has fitted in quite nicely  already, but all needs a spruce up. So far I’ve got one coat of Marston & Langinger Fence Green on the base of the table and we love it! The rest of the chairs need some work as they haven’t been painted for about 4 years and there are a lot of sticky finger marks all over them, but it won’t take long to sort those.

Give or take a few pictures and the clock to put up, our kitchen should be done within the month. I’ll make sure I get lots of snaps for you when we’re finished.

I’d love to hear about your new projects for the 2017 do drop me a line, either on here or on Facebook or Instagram (& with pics)!

As always thanks for popping by,

Verity x

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