Totally addicted to….

I have a guilty secret. No, I’m not cooking crystal meth in my basement like Walt (sorry we’re about 3 years behind in this house and have only just discovered Breaking Bad….) Anyway, nothing like that, but I do like chairs.

ercol windsor

All types of chairs, but mainly wooden chairs and mainly dining chairs.

Currently there are approximately 23 chairs in and around our house/garage, ooops I just remembered plus the garden chairs, plus the sun loungers, lets just go with “about 30”. So, I feel finally it is time to make some of these chairs even more beautiful than they already are, and the perfect way to do this? Yes, of course you guessed it – paint them! Whoop whoop! Its been soooooo long since I painted anything I feel like I have forgotten, but fear not. The paint is out, the chairs have been identified and its time to get Annie Sloaning. Yes that is the verb to paint with Annie Sloan paint. I don’t believe it has been TM yet, but I think it might be soon.

Anyway, while I tinker with the paint, I thought I would show you some lovely chairs from Pinterest, so you can picture the look I’m going for.

Louis blue chair


Lightest blue chair


duck egg rocking chair


Royal blue kitchen chair


Royal blue rocking chair


Turquiose ercol chair


blue kitchen chairs

I know which one is my favourite, but which do you like?


Verity x

One thought on “Totally addicted to….

  1. Me too! Twice! I am only just getting onto BrBa. And I totally have the chair thing. I get it from my mother. Dad had a real crack down and they reduced the chair quota significantly, but there’s probably still a good 30 in their house. I have 5 (plus 3 stools) which doesn’t sound a lot, but for a one bed flat with no useable living space it’s pretty high!

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