Top 5 Life Hacks when moving is imminent: No3

So we’re already on No3, having covered Offices that aren’t Offices (No4) and Command Strips (No5) and No3 is soooooooo straightforward I reckon you could probably manage it tonight! Drum roll please as I I traduced you to:

Nice boxes. Now bare with me, I know it sounds a little unimaginative, but honestly-I’m talking lovely boxes that are actually useful. This time it’s to hide all your wires and even your modem.


Now I don’t know what your sitting room looks like, but by the time you’ve plugged in the TV, the DVD player, the Sky box, on Demand sky box, the surround sound system, the modem, the phone charger, the iPad charger, the laptop charger and everything else, what you have are a lot of wires!

Now we’ve tried everything, the wire ties which don’t stay tied and still look a mess. The tubing that looks amazing but the. Only fits one wire through it-so you may as well not bother. So do boxes work? Well I can concur they do!

So what do you need?

1. Some lovely boxes
2. A knive/pair of scissors

And that’s about it! Couldn’t be simpler. And here is how:

Cut some holes in the back of the box for the wires.

Place in your spare wire and modem/charger/extension lead plus chargers.

Put them anywhere you want and then sit down and relax without wanting to pull out every electrical item you own!




The great thing about this option is that you can use boxes for so much stuff around the house anyway that you won’t notice an extra one full of wires!





Now, where to get them? The best place universally still appears to be the well known Swedish Home Decor Store, but there are loads of even cheaper ways to make lovely boxes-it really depends how Blue Peter you are feeling…maybe when I run out of things to do entirely in my life I might do a blog post on how to decorate show boxes, but until then I think I’ll just make my way down to IKEA. See you there!

Verity x

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