18 Canapes you can actually make

Right, it’s November, it’s cold, it’s dark, there’s only one thing for it; food. Lots of it. So this post is about the best  kind of food-party food. YES. I’m not talking 4 flavour dips and tortilla chips (I consider that more of a snack than a party food) I’m talking actual grown up, soirée-standard nibbles.

But its all well and good announcing that you’ll be doing canapes but unless you are a wizard in the kitchen, it could well be a recipe for disaster. So here are some canapes that look great, taste great and won’t give you a nervous breakdown the day of your amazing party.

I warn you if you’re hungry, don’t go any further. Otherwise get going, these are my Top 18 (18 because they fit into the grid way better than 20…true story).


Mini Yorkshire Puddings & Venison | Mini Yorkshire Puddings & Roast BeefMini Greek Salad | Smoked Salmon on Tattie Scones | Parmesan & Onion Bakes | Chicken SatayHoisin Sauce Sausages |  Pea Feta Mint Mini Toasts | Ham and Parmesan Palmiers | Sage Sausage Rolls | Palma Ham and Peach |  | Sesame Haloumi Bites | Mini Baked PotatoesCamembert and Cranberry Puffs | King Prawn and Mango | Falafal and Humus | Prosciutto and Asparagus | Seared Salmon | Baby Tomato Mozzarella and Basil |

So there you have it – click on the links above to get the recipes written by legends like Delia, BBC Good Food and some very talented blogger. Alternatively, I know I hear Waitrose do a pretty good selection of canapés (you know, if needs must).

For more canapés and party for inspiration pop over to Pinterest and check out my Canapétastic Board, you’ll also see the ones that didn’t fit in my helpful 18 spaced grid! . Delicious.

Thank you for popping by and see you all soon,

Verity x

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