To Iron or not to Iron?

Well, in this house it’s not even a question-the only option is not Iron. For as long as I can remember the only time I have used the iron it’s for flattening fabric and seams for making things-not for ironing clothes and certainly not for ironing bed covers.

The perfectly Ironed Frette bed

But every so often I catch a glimpse of beautifully ironed bedsheets, like these ones from Frette and  The White Company and I vow; this will be the week I iron the sheets….We have so much beautiful 400 (plus) count linen and it is amazing. And I love it and would never know not buy Egyptian Cotton – but it never ever looks like this:

Beautifully Ironed White Company Bedding

Of course, this has never happened. But Major C in particular lives in eternal hope. I have noticed however, more recently there has been a small slip in standards and occasionally pondered whether I could perhaps be bothered to iron half a duvet cover and artistically drape an achingly cool (and ludicrously expensive and entirely impractical when you have a toddler and a baby in your bed, but hey lets not let that ruin the look) grey wool blanket over the un-ironed end, like in the picture below. But then I remembered I couldn’t even be doing with getting the ironing board out of the cupboard so in fact even half an ironed duvet was too much for me.

A mulititude of sins covered by a blanket

white ironed bedsheets

So, you can imagine my delight on discovering that now there is a brilliant, on trend alternative to the hotel styled perfect crisp bed: Lazy Linen! In essence, this is bed covers that you don’t iron and that appear all creased and relaxed and basically mean I actually don’t have to get the iron out anymore (if I ever did…)

Yipeeeee! Now, all of a sudden, my slovenliness in the ironing department can be passed off as a genuine styling decision. Glorious. And even better – I seemingly excel in the “Lazy Linen” Look. Win win. Everyone is a winner.

So without further ado, I no longer need to wait until (well pretty much hell freezes over) to show you a lovely pic of my, ever so trendy, Lazy Linen Look Bed. Genius. And if you are worried that you’re not quite acheiving the Lazy Linen Look, all you have to do is throw on some more blankets and cushions and pillows and viola. Perfect.

Crumbled Linen from Loaf

Loaf do it again. Gorgeous.

tumbled linen

I also love the coloured linen options out there at the moment. These from the Secret Linen Store are fabulous.

blue and pink Secret Linen Store

I hope you all now can go to bed smugly in the knowledge that your un-ironed sheets are incredibly cool, and on trend. I will also be making this post a mandatory read for any house guests passing Chez Rascal & Roses…This post, my friends – is a gift to all those (so everyone) that has better things to do with their time other than iron bed sheets.

Enjoy. And see you all again soon I hope,


Verity x

4 thoughts on “To Iron or not to Iron?

  1. I’m totally with you on this one Verity! I’m a big fan of Habitat’s Washed range. It’s cotton rather than linen, but all the more affordable for that.

  2. Ah Bethan, I am hopeful we are not alone…or maybe we are just un-domestic godesses?!

    I am not in the slightest bit surprised that Habitat do a version – this kind of thing is just up their street…I might have to pop over now and have a look!

    Thanks for popping by X

    • Vikki,

      It’s definitely great news! There are some really lovely options out there, might have to do a sneaky bit of retail therapy soon! Thanks for taking the time to write, Verity x

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