Time is running out!


The nights are drawing in and I have a serious amount of “sorting” to commence before Rascal No2 arrives in approximately 3 weeks. So in no particular order here are the things that I NEED to get done (in between the full time day job and the looking after a toddler bit); find the baby stuff you know, just the critical items- car seat, babygrows, tiny nappies), maybe find other more useful, but less critical baby items- bouncer, cot, pram, carrier. Find somewhere to put all found objects – ah yes, a bedroom for the baby would be useful at this point also.

Anyway, moving on, clear out the garage (in order to find things) and clear out my workshop. This is so that in the available 19 minutes a day I will have between looking after a toddler and newborn I can find things I need to paint, sew or upholster and actually do some painting, sewing or upholstering (albeit at speed).

Um, on my list so far I have only actually ticked off 3 items here – there are 22 on my list. I may have to stop, its starting to panic me. [Goes to make a coffee (not decaf) and returns in a much better place] Ok, so I’ve decided to just concentrate on the things I want to do, rather than the things I have to do and then at the last minute I’ll be forced to do the things I have to do, but it won’t take much time, as Major C always says “Last minute jobs only take a minute” – I add this is probably not the application he was hoping for, but never mind!

So things I’d like to do before Rascal No2 arrives: Reupholster my lovely Parker Knoll wingback chair in gorgeous Sarah Hardaker Florence Linen, also give the legs a new lease of life (but that won’t take long). I literally cannot wait to get started. I’m thinking Duck Egg or Old Ochre for the wood, but haven’t decided 100% yet, but either way its going to look amazing:

Mood board Parker Knoll Chair

  • Florence fabric in Duck Egg.
  • Florence fabric in Rhubarb.
  • A lovely chair already upholstered in the Florence duck egg with complimentary painted arms and legs.
  • Old Parker Knoll Chair, mine is in slightly ropier condition – but I can’t show you a pic as it has not yet been found in the garage!

Then I need to Finish painting the clock that I started last night; it is jazzy (in a good way)and pictures coming soon. I thought it would look beautiful in Antoinette, for those of you unfamiliar it’s a very pale pink – like the colour of dermagel that amazing smelling disinfectant you used to be able to get.



But that was too pale and looked quite frankly horrible. So I went back to the pallet and decided it probably needed something bolder and stumped for Annie Sloan’s Scandinavian Pink. Now this colour is more like a coral, but its gorgeous and becoming one of favourites – a fabulous accent colour with grey and white. Applying it was even better than I had hoped, I slightly watered it down so it covered as a second coat like a dream.


Tonight I have to wax and distress – so you can see both colours and I think then I’ll be done. Final photos coming up tomorrow but here’s a quick before shot and a sneak of one in progress.



Finish painting and reupholster a toy box for Rascal No1 – this project has been ongoing for approximately 16 months now. I really can’t decide whether to go Beatrix Potter, or Winne the Pooh or Paddington Bear (love the Jane Churchill nursery fabrics) then I could tie the whole room together?




Or do I go just block colour with no design? Or do I go crazy and use her favourite fabric, the Emily Bond Red Dachshunds? Decisions, decisions.

Um, there are more things that I want to do, but I’m going to stop again because I’m not entirely convinced they are going to be completed in the next 21 days. There is lots to do in terms of decorating Rascal No1 and now No2’s rooms, but I think that will have to wait for another post. Argh, just remembered, I also need to tell you all about the lovely costal bathroom – its definitely underway, just a small amount left to do until the big reveal!

Verity x

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