This week I have been mainly…

….making lampshades. I kid you not. I have made 27 in 9 days (including a day in Wiltshire on a site visit and a day in Kent for a lovely christening), so really 7 days.

Rascal & Roses bespoke lampshades Naturals

If I’m honest by this morning I felt like I might prefer not to make another for a while (like a long while), but as I have 6 on order-that looks unlikely. But then I saw all the beautiful photographs and the lovely feedback from my wonderful customers and I’ve made my peace with the God of lampshades.

This is my favourite all time picture of some of our lovely shades. I feel I need to invent a new noun for lampshades, “a gaggle”? “a group”?    “A stack?” Of course: A Ladder of lampshades…obviously.

So, when I’m not busy stacking lampshades on ladders for artistic purposes I’m busy cutting, measuring, sticking, folding, tucking and taking photos of lampshades instead. These are a quick peak at the pics that will be up on our new look website very soon.

I can’t wait to show you all, it’s very snazzy and should I’m assured “make your browsing and shopping experience far greater than you may ever imagine”- well I dare say that might be a little excessive, but it promises to be an improvement on our earlier website. I think I’ll leave the assurances at that-although I’d love to hear what you all think.

So what else is new, well in short….loads and loads-but in the interest of time & it being nearly the weekend and all of us needing to save time so we can drink more wine, I’ll leave you with our fabulously styled office. Here below you can see some of our fabulous products (all bespoke to order and made by hand), as well as a lovely painted desk and lampstand. The best thing about our ranges are they can all be mixed and matched, so you can just have one special item for a hint of contemporary country style or you can fill your house!

Rascal&Roses Tags

Right, have a wonderful weekend everyone and stay tuned, we have  lots more updates to come.

Thanks for popping by,

Verity x

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