Theo Paphitis #SBS Winner!!

So its been a very busy few weeks with lots of sewing and painting and general chaos (through in a bit of Easter and a few bank holidays) and we’re all ready for another holiday. There are lots of exciting projects that I can’t wait to show you. But in the meantime I thought I’d share a bit of good news with you.

Rascal & Roses Square of 9!

Every Sunday Theo Paphitis (of Dragon’s Den fame) runs a competition on Twitter called “Small Business Sunday” or #SBS. The idea is you pitch your business to Theo via a tweet and then every Monday at 8pm he picks his 6 favourite businesses and you win!


So, this Monday I was just retuning from taking the dog for a walk and taking my boots off when I could hear my phone going beepbeep, beep, beep, bing, ring, buzz…pretty much non stop.

“ Great!” I thought, I suspect my iphone has not survived little Harry dunking it repeatedly in a pint of water (for the 3rd time) and whilst cursing my inability to keep my phone in my pocket & simultaneously my one year old son’s ability to drag a chair to the mantle piece, remove my mobil, drag the chair back to the kitchen table, climb on the table and dunk said phone, I realised that in fact my phone was just, well busy. As I turned it on there were 180 tweets!!!

Rascal & Roses #SBS badge

180! I’d been out for about 25 minutes. So, I had a look and there on my screen was “@Theopaphitis has RT your Tweet”. How exciting! So, it turns out I was one of the lucky 6 that Theo choose! Now, that’s the good news, but it gets better, I also get to meet him (and get a lovely certificate) .

Theo's Rascal & Roses #sbs tweet

And finally, here’s the winning tweet!

Rascal & Roses #SBS Tweet

As always thanks so much for popping by, we’ve got lots of exciting things going on at the moment so do stay tuned!

Verity x

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