Ribbon & Fabric Covered Notebook Tutorial

Here is an easy peasy tutorial that even a novice crafter can master!

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As you probably know already I am part of the Jane Means Ribbon Blogging Team. If you have a second you should go and check out the other very skilled crafters and DIYers for loads of inspirational projects using Jane Mean Ribbons.

Everyone needs a notebook, I don’t care who you are or what you do you need a little book to keep all your thoughts in. Whether your a super list maker or super forgetful-notebooks are where it’s at! But just because they are practical doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful too. Here is a tutorial to make a fabric covered book, with ribbon page marker and ribbon binding.I used to be a real stationary addict back in the day-I loved September because it meant new pencil cases and prep diaries and once I discovered one-page-a-day diaries in the French Hypermarkets I was in seventh heaven (and the way coolest 12 year old at school)!

But, unless you are going to pay big bucks for beautiful stationary-(think Smythsons) then you tend to have a massive trade off between beauty and use-ability (yes that is a word…). I haven’t done a scientific experiment so to speak but I can conclude from extensive experience: the prettier the book, the more rubbish the paper. Now, if you can’t write in fountain pen without it going through 4 pages, what kind of a notebook is it?! Well, I’ve found nice thick paper in classic Red & Black notebooks but they are not very pretty are they? And if you put loose pieces of papers or notes in them then they tend to fly away. So, here’s the solution: any book you’d like can be transformed and the best thing-it’s super quick & easy to do!

What do you need:

  • Fabric of your choice – enough to cover book with 1 inch seam allowance – this beauty is Sarah Hardaker Paisley.
  • Ribbon – Jane Means ribbons in complimentary or contrasting colours – this is Salmon Pink stitched ribbon and the New Yellow stitched Ribbon from Jane’s new Spring Collection.
  • Scissors
  • Pallet knife
  • Double sided tape
  • Photo mount

What you need

Step 1 – once your fabric has been cut to the correct size (you want to have a space of around 1 inch around all 4 edges) then spray the back of the book with spray mount and place book on fabric. Press down.

Step 1

Step 1a

Step 2 – spray the front of the book and press down again on fabric securing the fabric to the book.

Step 2

Step 3 – make 2 slits from the edge of the fabric down to the book’s spine. Do this on top and bottom of spine.

Step 3

Step 4

Step 4 – open the back cover & stick double sided tape around top and bottom of book cover and fold fabric inside the book.

step 4

Step 5 – add double sides tape to side of the back cover and fold fabric along the edge. Repeat Step 4 & 5 for front of book.

Step 5

Step 5a

Step 6 – attach a small amount of tape to the tab of fabric (right side up) left above the spine of the book. Cut your price of ribbon about 2 inches longer than the book and attach to fabric.

Step 6

Step 7 – take pallet knife and ease fabric section and ribbon into spine of book. Repeat for bottom of spine.

Step 7

Step 7a

Step 8 – cut a length of ribbon at least 3 times the width of your book (when closed).

Step 8a

Step 9 – attach a small section of double sided tape to the ribbon and fix to front of book at desired height. Repeat on spine and back of book until ribbon is securely fixed to fabric cover. Then tie your bow.

Step 9

Step 9a

HEY PRESTO!!!! One lovely fabric covered book with a ribbon page marker and a ribbon binding (so you can keep even more in your little book)!

Finish 1

Finish 1

I’d love to see all your books, so do send in your pics! Thanks for popping by,

Verity x

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