(Part I) Different Shades of: Grecian Blue

The thing about colour, is, well, without getting too technical, is – there are millions of colours. Literally millions lying between red, yellow and blue (you remember from primary school) and the thing with the perfect colour is: you can never find it!

Grecian Blue

Now, I don’t claim to be able to give you every conceivable colour in the universe, but I am planning to show you how to make the 20 lovely Everlong Superior Finish Paint colours stretch a bit further!

And to kick us off I’ve given you the actual 5 mixes for Everlong’s Colour of the Month for July which was Grecian Blue and this was mixed with Porcelain – a pure white colour.

We’ll be showing you lots of lovely shades of all the fabulous Everlong colours – next one up is one of the newest shades Kingfisher! We love being Everlong Stockists so if you’ve got any questions or would like to purchase some paint, please go and take a look at our shop.

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Verity x

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