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The plan on leaving the Army was to get our forever home, but as with most things in life the timing was spectacularly out. Post Brexit 2016 was not the year to try and sell a property in London and despite our best efforts it wasn’t to be; so pretty quickly we realised by October it was time to start looking at rental properties.

Years in Army married quarters, preceded by years in an Army mess for us both and before that university digs, transpired to ensure that neither Maj C nor myself were very prepared for the rate in which rental properties shift. You have no time to ponder, make offer, contemplate; if you see it, you have to take it or it’s gone…as we learnt to our cost. But we finally have somewhere to live and picked the keys up this weekend.




The countdown is on and we have A LOT to do, but what’s the harm in adding another thing to the list of things to do? Well, absolutely no harm; as essentially the list is like the impossible endless list anyway, so I’ve decided I’ll keep you all up to date with our progress as well on the blog. So let the chaos commence.



I’ve only got a few snaps of the house for now (as you can see) but over the next few weeks and months I’m going to show you all our progress and of course the finished article, so to speak! As you can see its rather a blank canvas at the moment, so definitely needs a bit of cheering up, as beautoful as it is!


We’re moving back to where I grew up, Herefordshire and we couldn’t be more excited. It is, as I had always suspected, the most beautiful place to live and our new village is no exception, miles from anywhere surrounded by stunning countryside.


Right, I had better go, I have A LOT to do…but in the meantime, I’m just going to head over to Pinterest and ponder the sitting room and maybe try and work out dining room curtains…

Thanks for popping by and do come back for the next update.

Verity x

4 thoughts on “Moving to the Country

  1. Good luck in your new home it looks lovely. Know what you mean by being very quick with rentals. We moved from a 9 bed house into a 4 bed bungalow that was hell but now we are in a much better house, however I never, in a million years, thought I would be here to celebrate our 4th Christmas!!!! Went to Herefordshire recently to do the LR driving thing and it looked beautiful.

    • Thanks so much Peta, it has been a very quick turnaround, but we’re ready for it and I think we might be here for quite a while too! Hereford is very beautiful, I’m thrilled to be home X

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