Let’s Shake-r up 2015

So it’s a new year! We’ve all eaten too much, spent too much, exercised too little and now the Christmas decorations are coming down the house is looking a bit bare. But there is a solution to this annual problem- go for a restyle!

This year (well week anyway) I am obsessing about Shaker styled homes. I love them. Granted the full on shaker look is going to be pretty unachievable in a house with 2 tiny monsters and particularly unlikely in my Army Quarter, but I think a hint of shaker is more than possible and will look amazing-I just need to decide which room!

 Now I understand that a full annual interiors restyle isn’t going to be for all of us (or let’s be honest the majority of us) but a few select items and some clever changes can transform a room.

So, for us the kitchen is out….mores the pity- even I can’t muster up the enthusiasm to panel a room only to rip it out and re plaster in 12 months time. But when we one day so get to our forever home and for those who are lucky enough to already be in yours here are some beautiful kitchens in modern shaker style. I love it-airy, peaceful and space for some fabulous statement pieces.


Love the grey & natural wood and then POW: Red Accessories!

shaker kitchen

Softer grey this time with white creates a light airy kitchen.

 shaker kitchen grey white

Keep it simple throughout and make a peaceful, beautiful space.

So, kitchens are a hard one, . But dining rooms, bathrooms, utility rooms or hallways are a great place to start your styling revolution without having to be too, well, shaker! There are some brilliant items you could chose that could give you the look without the full scale refurbishment.

Ercol – the perfectly designed and beautifully executed range are timeless and so on trend. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on the actual Ercol I would probably guard against painting (depending on condition). However there are many many Ercol replicas, of equally high quality that I wouldn’t hesitate to take a brush to. And as far as I’m concerned the bolder the better! All the same colour or mix and match, paint some, leave the others, pretty much any combination works.


Mellow Yellow – love it – mix Annie Sloan’s English Yellow with Bright white for a more pastel shade.


Bold colour with bright chairs = New York loft living.


White walls, natural wood, what can’t you like about this?


It doesn’t have to be just different colours, different styles work too.

Shelving – the key word here is simplicity. The straighter the lines, the plainer the form, the better the look. That gives you the perfect opportunity to source pieces from all over and match them by colour (think Scandinavian pallets: cool blues or fresh pinks and of course bold white) or maybe chose a couple and mix and match.


Think chunky shelves, a focal point and practical.


You don’t have to have masses of space, just use it correctly – build your own storage using layers – brilliant.

Storage – a great alternative is of course the wonderful dresser. I love them-can’t get enough of them, whether it’s a vintage oak (a classic piece for any style of room) or a pine number painted they fit the theme perfectly and are so practical. And best of all if you live in military quarter-someone else gets to move them for you!


Can you tell I really  like the grey & natural wood yet?

Ladders – I’m a big fan of re-loved ladders, they work as somewhere to hang blankets in spare rooms or sitting rooms, clothes in bedrooms and towels in bathrooms. They are compact space wise (unless you live in a very low ceiling dwelling – like maybe the Borrowers, in which case I’d avoid). The good thing about ladders is that you can paint them to fit in wherever you’d like and then transform then for a different scheme as and when. I will warn you though-while painting ladders is not the hardest thing in the world (once you’ve caught all the drips) it takes a long long time. Probably the sand time as painting about 4 chairs so be prepared.


Go rustic in a bathroom.


Or vintage in a sitting room.

Shaker Pegs – These are not only ridiculously useful but also ridiculously good looking! They work in so many places in the home. So, for your not-forever-home kitchen these are lovely up on the wall for hanging pans, boards or utensils. Brilliant for space saving and also allows you to see all your prized possessions. Same goes for bathrooms. They look great and are perfect for towels, loafers, flannels, clothes etc.


Perfect for all your hang able items!


Lovely for all your bathroom bits and bobs.

They look fab in a hallways or utility rooms for all the “extras” that need to be accessed easily (boots, dog ball throwers, coats, hats, baby-bjorns, dog leads- or is it just us that requires at least 50 items to be located before a 5min walk?!) I also love the idea of being able to have different levels of hooks for children and then higher ones for grown ups. I haven’t done a thorough experiment but I don’t think toddlers would lose an eye if they ran into these-I’m sure I’ll be able to update you shortly-if it’s possible to extract on eye on one my daughter will manage it.


Summer hallway essentials.


Varying the heights of pegs means the whole family can use them.

Rascal & Roses Pegs – The best news of all; we’re bringing out our own Rascal & Roses range of Shakers Pegs. We’ll be stocking these gorgeous hand turned pegs (handmade in Shropshire, UK) in rows of  2, 4 or 6 oak pegs on oak rails. They will be available in natural oak or painted and waxed in a vast selection of colours of your choice.


Above are the natural oak pegs (untreated) and below is an example of our pegs coloured with Chalk Paint and waxed.


Shaker style with a modern twist is such a fabulous look. It’s simple, it’s beautiful and best of all it’s practical-so get Shaker-ing for 2015!

Thanks for popping by. There are going to be lots of additions to the blog this year, so do stay tuned!

Verity x

6 thoughts on “Let’s Shake-r up 2015

  1. Love Ercol too! I have the exact same table in the “white and wood” pic but it got water damaged in storage 🙁 Will be trying to resurrect it by stripping back, but if not painting will be the way forward I think . . . Either way there will be a blog post about it!

    • Ercol is glorious! I love it. What a shame your table got damaged – I would think stripping it back and re-waxing should resurrect it, even if stain does remain it will at least blend in more (if that makes sense) I look forward to seeing your post. Loving your blog – are you on Bloglovin? If so I need to add you!

      • I’m hoping it will blend in, yes. We’ll see. I am on Bloglovin; one of my 2015 tasks is to integrate my social media properly, but if you search for me I should pop up.

        • Excellent, I will go and find you! Social media is like a never ending task but it can be very useful! That’s what I tell myself anyway, just means I’m always on the phone/laptop! X

  2. Love it all Verity,your blog is fab! kitchens are gorgeous,I have just (after many a month of mess) finished a shaker style country inspired kitchen in stone painted walls, grey/green wooden units and oak worktop and have been hunting some peg rails so you have answered my prayers!!! (I also need some for my daughter’s room)I shall be in touch Xx

    • Oh Jan. Your kitchen sounds gorgeous! I really love blogging, but never quite have enough time to do it justice (one day though)!

      Definitely drop me a line about Pegs-sounds like they’d be a good fit! Xx

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