So, Christmas and new year are long gone. You’ve broken all your New Year’ resolutions already, but fear not. I am on a mission to achieve something useful & I thought some of you may like to join me?

So, I have some wooden Ercol style chairs that I need to upcycle and they have been waiting to be painted for a long long time! It doesn’t seem to matter how many times I think about doing them-it never happens. It then came to mind that if I told you all that I would get them finished-well, then I basically had to finish (and therefore actually start) on them!

In order that the whole experience is stress free I’m going to update these lovelies over a 6 week period and I thought you could join me with a chair (or 4) of your choice!

I’ll go through the up cycling process step by step and I’ll let you know during the week what you’ll need for the next stage. I’m going to be using the fabulous Annie Sloan paint and wax, but I’ll be taking more about that in the next couple of posts.

I would love for as many people to join in as possible-I can see this becoming a “thing” like Internet dating-only “Internet chair painting”. Excellent.

So at the moment all you need to do is mentally prepare yourself for starting task 1 which I shall reveal tomorrow (but it’s not too taxing I promise).

I look forward to Internet chair painting with you (see how easy that rolls off the tongue-clearly it’s going to be the Oxford English Dictionary within months; “to.paint.a.chair.and.then.put.on.internet-route.to.everlasting.happiness.). Do let me know if you’d like to join me, I will start a gallery of before and after shots of everyone’s chairs.

Stay tuned: Step 1 will go up tomorrow.

Verity x

3 thoughts on “#InternetChairPainting

    • No worries Gemma, that’s the fab thing about the Internet-it will be here pretty much FOREVER! But if you want to join in “live” I’m sure you could beg/borrow/steal a wooden chair-there seem to be plenty hanging around! X

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