How to Chalk Paint Pumpkins

You cannot move on Instagram for beautiful photos of amazing pumpkins, white ones, green ones, big, small. All so nice looking and festive and autumnal and I wanted some. Nay, I needed some in my life!

Lovely pic from our Halloween & Autumn Pinterest Board (via credcoration).

So, I headed out to the supermarket full of enthusiasm and anticipation for getting my hands on some white pumpkins and little green ones. Although on the way I acknowledged they could in fact not be pumpkins, but were probably gourd or another type of vegetable (which I wasn’t entirely clear on) but I knew Waitrose would rescue me from my embarrassing lack of seasonal vegetable knowledge.

Well, I cannot express my disappointment when I discovered in fact Waitrose were only able to offer me orange pumpkins. Standard, average sized orange pumpkins. Oh the disappointment. My wonderful Autumn-Halloween-amazing white pumpkin themed dream was not going to be realised. And then, just behind the chestnut mushrooms I spotted some mini pumpkins. Yes. Ok, they were orange too but they were mini. We could work with this….and then the solution became pretty obvious: chalk paint.

So, I decided (wisely or otherwise) that a great half term project would be to enlist my 2 tiny helpers (perhaps unhelpers would be a more accurate description) but hey how messy could it get??

Turned out pretty messy, but they had a blast & 3 days later we’ve pretty much cleared up all the paint from around the dining room. On the upside though they did do some awesome painting, so awesome in fact I didn’t need to go and buy anymore and redo them (which may or may not have been my actual plan).

The kids concentrated on the chalk paint (Everlong: Latte on the large pumpkin then Kingfisher the bright blue on a smaller one) while I did an Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue and then Farrow & Ball pointing on the remainder.

Each pumpkin took 2 coats, but you probably could have splashed it on a bit more and managed with 1 coat on everything except the very pale Pointing (also probably not helped that the F&B paint is not chalk paint).

I would advise you paint the top half, wait for it to dry and then turn over and paint the bottom half, but if you have a big hand span (or buy really quite small pumpkins) you could hold and paint all the way around.

But the finished results were brilliant; easy to achieve, the biggest effort was keeping small hands away from drying pumpkins and they looked great. 

And up on the mantle piece & around the windows we’re feeling very autumnal & Halloween-y but without the orange glow…

How to Chalk Paint Pumpkins

Thank you for popping by and I hope you all have a spooktacular weekend,

Verity x

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