Easy peasy makeovers for big pieces of furniture

I get it that lots of people have lots of furniture that they hate. I understand that there are lots of people who would love to splash out on fabulous new furniture to cheer up their less than perfect rented home, but they can’t because all their pennies are going towards a deposit for their dream house. Maybe something like this:

IMG_6608.JPG Ok, so Pinterest and daydreaming aside, I get it, I don’t think that while you wait you have to live in a home that doesn’t cheer you just a little. So, what’s the solution? Well, if money is tight then the best thing you can do is make your money go as far as it can. Something that never ceases to amaze me is how a piece of furniture can be transformed with new handles. Literally, the whole look of a piece, and even a room can be changed. And most of the time all you need is a screwdriver and sometimes you won’t even need that. Clearly there are levels of “makeover”. But here goes on the really easy ones:- Ceramic Knobs – these are super easy to use, you literally put the bolt in the hole and screw up the nuts. The biggest problem you are going to have with this option is which ones to chose! Pretty much any colour in loads of designs, I defy you not to find one you like. Cast Iron Handles – these may require slightly more DIY skills as you might need to drill new holes and be a bit nifty with a screwdriver. But for the finished look, its totally worth the effort! Here’s a dresser that I’ve just finished painting for a client. He loved the size of the piece and it was very well made, but it just needed a bit of a restyle. We painted it a lovely Deep Blue and changed the drawer handles for these brilliant Cast Iron Handles. What a transformation. Brilliant. We’re very excited here at Rascal & Roses as we’re going to be bringing out our own range of ceramic knobs and cast iron handles very soon. The only thing we have to do now is finalise which colours and designs we think everybody would like. The ceramic knobs will all be contemporary country in style and colour but I’m going to have to try not to get too carried away! We’ll let you know as soon as our nre range is available – so do keep an eye out! As always thanks for popping by.

Verity x

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