Great British Bake Off Inspired Beauty

So, its finally back and no one quite knows why but everyone loves a bit of Great British Bake Off! The more you protest, the more you secretly love it, I am sure – that was almost entirely aimed at Maj C who is apparently less than thrilled at its return.

So, while most people have been concentrating on the cake making and the judging and the cherry-related disasters that befell our new contestants, I was completely consumed by the tent and its content. The new furniture, not much has changed from last season and then my all time great love – the kitchen appliances. Oh how beautiful. Oh how entirely impractical unless you live in a manor house (or have a dedicated tent to do all your baking). And yes I know I never bake anymore, because, well quite frankly I have neither the time, nor the room, but oh how I need a new Pastel Kitchen Aid. Now. I need it now.

swedish pastel kitchen

And so, I made the fateful mistake of looking on Pinterest. Just a quick scan I told myself. Just a little peak to convince myself that in reality no one wants a pastel themed kitchen. Oh uh. Turns out – I do.

Here are 5 of the best:

Mismatched chairs in a white room looks crisp and fresh – the Smeg fridge is a pretty nice addition too:

blue smeg fridge and kitchen

Part painted chairs go brilliantly with the rustic finish of this gorgeous room. And for those lucky people that still live in the big smoke this is a gorgeous Californian-inspired Deli called Hally’s in Parsons Green – sob, how I miss SW London:


Again, we’re back to white with a splash of colour, but it still looks amazing:

pink and blue pastel kitchen

Clearly, starting with an enormous kitchen diner is a good start, but even so the mix or textures and bare wood with the splashes of colour are a fab look:


pastel stools in kitchen


Bare beams and table with some statement light hangings and a hodge-podge of different chairs in different shades is a big win:


Blue pastel kitchen

There are so many ideas out there using pastel shades and you can be as bold or as subtle as you like. Either way it looks pretty gorgeous whichever route you go down! I promise I’ll try and get back to the topic I was meant to be talking about soon – and that’s fabulous kitchen accessories, I apologise I got waylaid…

Verity x

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