Fabric and Ribbon Memo Board Tutorial

These look much nicer than a cork board and can really add some colour to your kitchen or sitting room, without resorting to painting to the walls!

landscape Pretty Maids board

What do you need?

Board – either a traditional pin board or a blank canvas (you can pick them up from art shops)

Wadding – enough to cover board and allow you to staple in place.

Fabric – enough to cover board and allow you to staple in place. I’ve used some beautiful Vanessa Arbuthnott Maids linen.

Ribbon – enough to cover board. Here I’m using Jane Means Ribbon, it’s strong and doesn’t fray so ideal for this type of project.

Upholstery Pins (or more if you want to use more ribbon than I have.

Upholstery backing – enough to cover back of board.

pretty maids materials


1 x staple gun with staples
1 x pair of fabric scissors
1 x tape measure
1 x pair of pliers
1 x chalk
1 x iron (and ironing board).


1. Measure enough wadding to cover your board and allow you to staple to back. Pull it taught so it doesn’t bunch up.IMG_3901.JPG

2. Iron your fabric and repeat step 1. Make sure you’re happy your pattern is central and straight!IMG_3902.JPG


3. Staple first end of ribbon onto Top Left Hand corner of board. Then stretch and staple to Bottom Right Hand corner of board. Repeat for opposite corners.

4. Measure and mark with chalk, half way points along length and width of your board (on the back).IMG_3904.JPG5. Staple your ribbon from mid point of longest side to mid point of short side – this will make your diamond shapes when all mid points are joined together. memo board ribbon6. Fix upholstery pins when ribbons cross on the front is the board. I used pliers and a hammer to bend the pins and fix in place.IMG_3907.JPG

7. Measure board board and cut upholstery backing and staple to the back. This covers up all the other staples-but is not wholly necessary, as it will be attached to the wall after all!


8. Voila! All you need to decide now if you’d like it landscape or portrait and attach hooks as required.IMG_3909.JPG

Let me know how you get on & thanks for popping by!

Verity x

7 thoughts on “Fabric and Ribbon Memo Board Tutorial

  1. Andrea, thanks for popping by.

    That is definitely a fab idea- You can also pick up old frames really cheaply in charity shops etc and you can paint them and just use the back board – great presents also!

  2. Yes it’s prefect for offices and like you say you can tailor it to exactly the right size to fit your space! Thanks for calling by. Verity x

    • Oh no Bee. Ok – so you can try and bend them through almost 360 degree so they point back up towards the pin head – that should lock them in (you might need a fine pair of snips, rarher than pliars). Otherwise you could try a dab of a glue gun once you’ve bent it? Good luck, I hope they stay for you. X

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