Easter Tree

I have to be honest and confess to not recalling having a Easter Tree when I grew up, but lets not let that get in the way of the glory that is, the now ever popular  “thing” that is an Easter Tree…

Rascal & Roses Easter Tree

So, with great glee and assistance from my very keen 3 year old, we spent today creating our Easter Tree. It is a lovely concept and very pretty and a perfect craft for little fingers, so I would reccomend, even if you aren’t a crafting expert!

easter helper

What you need:

  • Jug, vase, or even a jam jar would be fine.
  • Twigs, any will do, we’ve used some pussy willow as its pretty and its also growing on our road right now
  • Decorations – anything spring/easter related really!  I am very lucky though to have beautiful hand sewn decorations using a selection of our lovely fabrics – thank you Claire they look beautiful! – we also highly reccomend tiny yellow chicks.
  • Ribbons, of course we’ve used our favourite ones from Jane Means, perfectly spring like, we’ve gone with spotty in various colours for this project.

Easter Tree

I don’t think I really need to proffer much advice as to what to do next; essentially is,

  1. Put twigs in jug.
  2. Hang decorations.

But just in case that is not clear enough, here are some lovely pictures instead, which will hopefully give you a good idea!

Easter Tree twigsEaster decorations

And here are some close ups of our favourite ever decorations. Each one handmade, with gorgeous details using our favourite fabrics, we’ve got crowns using Sarah Hardaker’s Florence, Flohr & Co stars, some Fermoie birds and all using our favourite Jane Means ribbons.


The eggs were blown and have been painted and then tied with Jane Means Ribbon and fixed using double sided tape. A really easy project, that look gorgeous.

Easter egg decorations and ribbons  Easter Eggs and ribbons


Happy Easter everyone and thank you for popping by,


Verity x

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