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In a bid not to spend the next few months purely posting up photos of my house, I thought I might share some of the images that have inspired me, while trying to style and design our new home; balanced against the fact that given we’re only tenants I can’t quite justify a total overhaul!

Brook House Kitchen Inspiration

So, my first project is going to be the kitchen. Our house really lends itself to the kitchen being the hub of the home. Everyone will pass it as they go to bed and it will be the first room downstairs they are greeted by in the morning-so it needs to be, well GORGEOUS. Above is my “kitchen goals” inspirational photo. Love the green with the grey and the fresh white. I’m thinking a twist on this.

We want it to be homely and welcoming and familiar, without being overly twee and whilst its definitely a country kitchen I think there is scope to ensure its not too country kitchen and more “cool country kitchen”. Mix & match, not so trendy there is no cooker, but not so boring nothing catches your eye (and actually with a cooker, because I like to eat hot food). Note cooker below (yes, cool, but still a cooker) – love the green but not sure if it might be too dark in our rather large kitchen? We’ll have to see.


The cupboards are staying, they are in perfect condition and will fit all our things in so they can stay! There is no cooker to offend, so we have one arriving on Saturday, the fridge we’re bringing with us and essential for all good homes; the wine fridge will also be installed safely in the kitchen! The question really is, how green is too green?? The beams will bring anything down, so I think green green…but having lived with a mint green bedroom for several months I fear i may go out of control green….danger ahead.

Rather than have a whole wall of white goods (fridge, dishwasher, wine fridge) we’re going to buy an extra wooden worktop and extend the surface from the sink along the wall. This gives us more space and will make the kitchen look bigger and less squished into the corner of the room, but I think we need some kind of station for the phone, calendar – all that good stuff.

I’m love the natural linen (both Sarah Hardaker’s) and the Fermoie Greens, I think they’ll look perfect with the beams and then a lighter green for the walls like the Marston & Langiner Cucumber. I feel a plan coming together!

Images: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

So, what else is definitely coming?

Oak Kitchen table & chairs – Both are being repainted – just the minute I work out the colours….I’m channeling Green I think.

Massive Wall Clock – think station sized old fashioned clock.

Roman Blinds and Door Curtain – pretty crucial – just need to decide on a fabric…

Lampshades– we can definitely sort that one out.

Shelving (various) – we have lots having lived in Army Quarters which never, ever have enough cupboards in the kitchen, so that will all be coming with us.

Art – maybe? Jury still out, we have lots that can go on the walls but not sure which ones will have to see where we are with the rest of the house first I think. *edit: completely forgot we have a some fabulous prints from the Old English  company and they are awesome and perfect for the kitchen (and guess what they’re green too). 

I’ll keep you up to date, as soon as I’ve actually made a decision, but in the meantime I’d love to know what you all think??

Thank you for popping by,




Verity x

4 thoughts on “Cool Country Kitchen

  1. Wow, Verity this all looks amazing, you must let us have the address. We have now moved to Honeybourne, Worcs. so not too far from where you are going to be.

  2. So jealous but love your style and taken that it helps inspire me to decorate in a classy way. Looking forward to reading more xx

    • Karen,

      Thanks so much for popping over here and for your kind Words! Stay tuned, there will be so much coming up and I’ll make sure I let you know where I source everything too! V X

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