Chalk Board Paint – Quick painting project

It’s nearly Easter, which means an extra long bank holiday weekend. Now, what better way to spend it than doing a touch of painting?!

Study Blackboard Wall

Here’s an easy project for those that are DIY addicts and like to feel they’ve achieved something on their weekends off and as a bonus this should actually be useful! All you need is a brush and tin of paint and you’re good to go.

I’ve put together some brilliant  examples of using Blackboard paint in your home that will hopefully inspire you to take the plunge. There’s one extreme to the other, so if you’re worried I’d start small, but whether you’ve got a family of busy people or you just like being organised, this is super easy and super effective!

Starting with the smaller projects, brilliant for organising and what a fab idea for filling a blank space with something that is actually useful too. And I always think, if you want to try something out, the best place to start is the kids rooms, they tend to be less grumpy about DIY disasters than husbands…(well in my house anyway)!

blackboard calendar

blackbaord paint hallway

blacboard paint in nursery or children's bedroom

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If you’re already pretty organised but fancy using it elsewhere I think the kitchen is a good place to start, here’s some lovely ideas. As you can see it works really well on small awkard walls and pillars as well as on a large feature wall.

small black board paint kitchen wall

Blackboard paint on Pillars and small spaces

Kitchen Blackboard Wall

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Second to the kitchen I think a pretty safe bet is the study, so here’s a version if you’re not too sure (small  blackboard wall) or another option if you just think, “Hey- what the hell, lets do this whole black wall thing”…it does look brilliant though!

small study blackboard paint

Study Blackboard Wall

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If you need any blackboard paint, the clever people at Everlong have developed Noir-it can be written on (funnily enough) with chalk or blackboard pens.

Everlong Paint Noir

We stock it in our Online Store: 150ml tester pots & 1 litre pots (12-14m square coverage) if you just can’t resist painting a whole wall. It’s also excellent on flowerpots, tablemats, bottles, vases, I could go on!

Thanks for popping by,

Verity x

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