26 Luxury Loft Bedroom Ideas – with The LuxPad Blog

With so many homeowners choosing to add space to their homes rather than move, loft conversions are everywhere! Verity x

International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day. I’m not an activist, but I consider myself lucky that growing up as a girl and being a woman has never held me back. In many ways its been a huge advantage. I was moved school from a girls only one to an almost exclusively boys school at the age […]

New bedroom for the Spring

We worked on a lovely project at the end of last year and I thought I’d share a couple of photos with you. Verity x

Master Bedroom Inspiration

One of the rooms that has really has got me in a tizz in our new home is the master bedroom. We’ve got a very (some might say excessively) large master bedroom in our new house. Its wonderful to have so much space, but with 3 windows (all different sizes and at different heights) and […]

As featured in Houzz…

We were delighted last week to be featured in one of the Idea Books put together by Houzz – a lovely surprise for the New Year. If you’d like to see our beautiful mix match cushions and bespoke lampshade that were made for a wonderful client last year. Verity x

Easy To Achieve Interior Inspiration (part 1)- Picture Ledges

When I first started my blog some of the most popular posts I did were hacks to make your home instantly better – minimal effort, maximum inpact! Ace. So as we prepare for the madness of our move, I’m still trying to sort out ways to make the new house look great and look great […]

Cool Country Kitchen

In a bid not to spend the next few months purely posting up photos of my house, I thought I might share some of the images that have inspired me, while trying to style and design our new home; balanced against the fact that given we’re only tenants I can’t quite justify a total overhaul! […]

Moving to the Country

Verity x

18 Canapes you can actually make

Right, it’s November, it’s cold, it’s dark, there’s only one thing for it; food. Lots of it. So this post is about the best  kind of food-party food. YES. I’m not talking 4 flavour dips and tortilla chips (I consider that more of a snack than a party food) I’m talking actual grown up, soirée-standard […]

Weekly Wonders

This week’s top 5 are back and now Halloween is out of the way it is definitely time to start thinking about Christmas. The Weekly Wonders are literally just 5 things that I love that I think you might love too*. Verity x

11 Inspirational Home Libraries

The time has finally come where we are moving. By Christmas we’ll be out of Married Quarters and into a “real” house! One that, whilst not ours completely (we’re renting for a bit as kind of ran out of  to time to buy our dream house…) we will still have a little more to work […]

How to Chalk Paint Pumpkins

You cannot move on Instagram for beautiful photos of amazing pumpkins, white ones, green ones, big, small. All so nice looking and festive and autumnal and I wanted some. Nay, I needed some in my life! Verity x