Adding Blue to Your Country Style Home

It’s been an AGE! I can only apologise, but life has been seriously hectic! Anyway, I’m back and able to spend at least 10 minutes typing in peace so let’s go…

Blue Scheming at Rascal and Roses

I wasn’t sure what to write about this week as the choice is so big it’s overwelming, but I’ve decided to go with a colour favourite of mine instead: Blue

With spring finally arriving, I was looking forward to lots of pinks and greens and perhaps some sunny yellows, but instead it seems that Pantone were right and instead I find myself engulfed in Blue…everywhere and lots of blue and grey too. Although at the moment I’m not quite hitting Pantone’s suggested shade Serenity, but its blues none the less.  And I’m not alone, there is so much blue everywhere it’s hard to pick just a handful to share with you, but here goes:

Two Tone Blue Room

Serentiy & White Bedroom

12 / 3 /

But if you dn’t fancy repainting the walls, of course an easy way to introduce colour is of course brining it into furniture and home accessories. The drawers below look stunning in a duck egg. That sofa – well enough said – perfection. And as you know I love Sarah Hardaker fabrics so her Florence linen in Indigo ticks all the boxes.

blue chest of drawers

Serenity Blue Sofa

Sarah Hardaker Indigo Florence Drum ShadeSarah Hardaker Indigo Florence Drum Shades & bespoke painted Lampbases

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We’ve got lots and lots of blue schemes coming up in the pipeline as well. Here are a one of our blue inspiration board.

coastal moodboard

And finally some lovely cushions we did for a client – they wanted spring inspired blues, but not “blue-blue” this is what we went with in the end and our client Kate was thrilled.

Azure blue cashmere and merino wool throw

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Verity x

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