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Moving to the Country

Verity x

18 Canapes you can actually make

Right, it’s November, it’s cold, it’s dark, there’s only one thing for it; food. Lots of it. So this post is about the best  kind of food-party food. YES. I’m not talking 4 flavour dips and tortilla chips (I consider that more of a snack than a party food) I’m talking actual grown up, soirée-standard […]

Weekly Wonders

This week’s top 5 are back and now Halloween is out of the way it is definitely time to start thinking about Christmas. The Weekly Wonders are literally just 5 things that I love that I think you might love too*. Verity x

11 Inspirational Home Libraries

The time has finally come where we are moving. By Christmas we’ll be out of Married Quarters and into a “real” house! One that, whilst not ours completely (we’re renting for a bit as kind of ran out of  to time to buy our dream house…) we will still have a little more to work […]

How to Chalk Paint Pumpkins

You cannot move on Instagram for beautiful photos of amazing pumpkins, white ones, green ones, big, small. All so nice looking and festive and autumnal and I wanted some. Nay, I needed some in my life! Verity x

Teal & Mustard for your Autumn Home

Colour trends amaze me. Well amaze may be the wrong word; more accurate would be, I love colour trends. The way that Pantone (the all-choosing-colour-decider, God of colour) tells us the colours for the upcoming year (and then season) and obediently all manufacturers, designers from cars to children’s clothes get straight to it, making the […]

Weekly Wonders

I thought I’d break you (and I) back into the blog with some fabulous autumn inspiration. I love autumn, but this year in particular I’ve enjoyed an autumn colour pallet that has not had orange at its centre (controversial I know)! So here are my top 5 Weekly Wonders. The Weekly Wondersare literally just 5 things that […]

Rascal & Roses Lined Lampshades – as featured in The English Home magazine

So, its been a pitifully long time and I could bore you with a long long list of why its been so long, but I won’t! Let’s just say I’ve been busy! However, I’ve missed the blog and I’ve missed writing to you all, so we’re going to draw a line, forget its been 3 […]

Adding Blue to Your Country Style Home

It’s been an AGE! I can only apologise, but life has been seriously hectic! Anyway, I’m back and able to spend at least 10 minutes typing in peace so let’s go… Verity x

Designer Profile: 5 minutes with…

I was absolutely thrilled when Period Homes & Interiors were kind enough to interview me for their monthly Desginer Profile: 5 minutes with… in their May edition (out now at all good news agents)! Verity x

Theo Paphitis #SBS Winner!!

So its been a very busy few weeks with lots of sewing and painting and general chaos (through in a bit of Easter and a few bank holidays) and we’re all ready for another holiday. There are lots of exciting projects that I can’t wait to show you. But in the meantime I thought I’d […]

Bespoke Window Dressings

We’re in the middle of putting together a gallery of all our beautiful curtains and blinds. Each one is bespoke and hand sewn in our workshop in Herefordshire. Until our gallery is completed we thought we’d give you a little taster of some of our work. Verity x

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