Beautiful shabby chic paint

I’ve been buying paint to enhance my life, or as Maj C insists, spending money to bankrupt him! Either way, who cares I have 2 new Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colours and they are gorgeous- duck egg blue (the classic) and country grey (so classy). But what a palava, it’s hard choosing colour, seriously hard.  I definitely want red and the orange, they are beautiful, but I think I’d better wait until Maj C is away again before I get those.While i was searching for some colour inspiration (sat on my bottom watching the Apprentice) I came across another amazing blog, The Purple Painted Lady. She is fab and again her advice brilliant for newbies to the sport of furniture resurrection. As you can see below she has some lovely examples of not only the colours, but also the difference between clear wax and dark wax. Take a look, she’s very clever. This link pretty much answers any questions you’d ever have about ASCP?
The Purple Painted Lady: Questions often asked


Happy painting bloggers, I’ll see you on the other side.

Verity x

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