Army Issue Kitchen: Part 2

Inspired by a late night Pinteret Trawl – yes that’s right I’m completely bonkers, honestly stay away from me I’m craaaaaaaaaaaaazy. Anyway, inspired by Pintrest I started looking at gorgeous kitchen storage solutions. And here are some of the best ideas to create your own country cottage feel.

Vintage Cupboards. The more rickety the better.

vintage kitchen cupboard

The best thing for just keeping everything in. Pretty things where you can see it, tupperware hidden away.

tallboy vintage kitchen cupboard


And my personal favourite:

vintage kitchen shelf

Kitchen Linens. By which I mean tea-towels, oven gloves, napkins, table clothes. Look for beautiful fabrics which will add some colour and interest to your kitchen without a) breaking the bank and b) taking up too much room. Perfect.

hanging emily bond fabric

vanessa arbuthnott tablecloth

dachshunds tea-towel

white and red napkins


Flohr & Co Oven glove

 Hooks. Use them – the more than better. Wall space is your friend in a kitchen and that doesn’t mean it has to be filled with cupboards. So many of your kitchen essentials can be hung up, go on – do it!

vintage kitchen hooks

kitchen hooks

kitchen copper pots

Window Dressing. Now you know my opinion on window dressings, basically you should have some. Again they add blocks of colour and stop your kitchen looking like a bedsit. Blinds are ideal as easy to keep out of the way, but curtains can work just as well, here are some lovely ones. 

VA kitchen blind

butterfly blind

VA mini blinds

rascal and roses oystercatcher blind

toile du joue kitchen curtain

So there we are a quick run down on how a few beautiful things can make your kitchen gorgeous! I know, as well as anyone that trying to make a house a home is not an easy task, but a few clever purchases will definitely get you closer to where you want to be. And in the meantime we can all dream about our “forever house” perfect country kitchen.

Thanks for popping by.


Verity x

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