Army Issue Kitchen: Is there any hope?

For most people the kitchen is the heart of the home. A fabulous place where the family relax and you chat and drink wine and eat and generally have a lovely time.

If you live in an Army quarter however, I very much doubt you’ll agree that you can have a lovely time in your kitchen. At best the kitchens are function-at worst they are, well, not. Either way they are uninspiring, dated, generally without cupboard space and worst of all-there really is very little you can so about it.

You can’t repaint the cupboards or put in fabulous oak work space, nor can you rip up the Lino and swap it for flag stones and don’t get me started on the ovens…would you like your chicken frozen (that’s gas mark 6 for 2 hours) or cremated (that will be gas mark 7 for 13 minutes).  So what can you do? Well it’s limiting, but you’ve got to at least try and make the most of what you’ve got.

This is a picture of my kitchen, with their designated issue curtains- as an extra added bonus they don’t fit and therefore spend most of their time sat in the sink. Genius. kitchen-curtains

Every morning when I wake up and come down it puts me in a bad mood, so I vowed;  that for this house I would do something about the curtains…Sunday was the day-I made a Roman Blind! Using beautiful “Oyster Catcher” linen from Emily Bond Fabric I sewed and measured and measured and sewed and a few hours later- hey presto! It needs an iron, but all in all I’m pretty happy with it!


I have to say while the blind cheers me up immensely we still have a long way to go before I’ll be “enjoying” my kitchen. Over the next week I’ll be showing you some easy solutions, that will hopefully make you hate your kitchen less.

Verity x

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