Amazing Autumn

I am delighted to be able to tell you all, that no longer do I have to lie when asked “what do you do with your spare time?” I now have an answer. And what an answer it is. Drum roll please, my new answer to the most lied about question in the history of job applications and interviews is: I mood board. Yes you heard correctly mood board-as in the verb “to moodboard”- I moodboard, you moodboard, we moodboard, they moodboard…you remember…Mood Boarding!

So, it is with much delight that I share my new skill with you and reveal my Rascal & Roses Autumn:

Autumn Mood Board

I can’t recommend it enough as a pastime. Considerably more rewarding than following soap operas on TV (although let’s me honest it is possible to do both-Yes!!) a lot warmer and drier than many other hobbies come the winter months and at the end of it you have something lovely to look at!

So from the top left down here’s what’s on my moodboard-

  • Rascal and Roses Double Oven Gloves using Flohr & Co linen.
  • Lovely Red Hunter Wellies (perfect for when the inevitable rain arrives.
  • Cheeky squirrel looking for nuts.
  • The beautiful Golden Valley in Herefordshire.
  • Fabulous farmhouse kitchen table painted using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Antibes Green (possibly my favourite colour).
  • Hydrangea Wreath on stunning black front door.
  • Yellow Hunter Wellies-the red are classic, but the yellow are amazing!
  • Selection of tweed and plaid wool rugs-coming soon to Rascal & Roses.
  • Oak console table painted with Annie Sloan Old Ochre- fab in the hallway.
  • The ideal autumn hideaway with autumnal soft furnishings to keep you warm.
  • Another perfect example of using autumnal highlights to perfect the look at home. Soft shades of brown, cream and a hint of orange make a beautiful room.
  • Autumn wouldn’t be autumn without Le Creuset filled casserole dishes.
  • Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Barcelona Orange transforms a dark wood Stag bedside cabinet.
  • And finally, a gorgeous vintage trunk tumbling with woolen blankets. I am desperate to find a trunk like this…the search continues.

Thank you so much for popping in and having a nose. Until next time,

Verity x

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