#30DayDeclutter Challenge

Happy New Year everyone!

About 12 months ago I saw a brilliant article in a newspaper about decluttering your home. It was brilliant and I read it and thought – yes! This is what I’m going to do and in 30 days I am going to live in a feng shui’d showhome/boutique hotel/country retreat and all will be well with the world…Well, turns out that didn’t happen, life got in the way (and inparticular 2 little people) and the house remains less relaxing country retreat, more recycling plant chic.

Minimialist country Bedroom

So this is the weekend that I will be starting the 30 day challenge and here’s how it works:

Day 1 – chuck out/recycle/take to the charity shop/sell on eBay ONE item. The only real rule is it needs to leave the house – or at least you have to have 100% full intention of it leaving…soon!

Day 2 – same as day 1, but 2 items.

Day 3 – same as day 1 & 2, but 3 items.

All the way up to day 30. Here’s the even more awesome bit after day 30 the total number of clutter and no longer loved stuff in your home will be 465!!! Now that has got to be good news.

Maj C, as you can imagine is thrilled by the prospect of the 30 Day Declutter Challenge. Although is doubtful I’ll manage it – and has suggested I start with the many (many, many) empty LK Bennet shoe boxes in the garage. It was at that precise point that I perhaps regretted my decision to embark on the challenge. But I’ve said I’m going to do it, so I am and I’m going to update you all on here, that way I HAVE to do it!

I’ve also decided I’m going to run a weekly reward scheme for myself, to make sure I don’t cheat. Not quite sure what the rewards will consist of but I’ll keep you posted (as long as its less than 465 items I figure that I’m still winning)! Throughout the process, I’ll be keeping the photo above {from Pinterest} is my inspiration, so there will be no wobbles, just ruthless removal of tatt from my house!

If you fancy joining me, I would absolutely love it. I’m also going to be updating on Instagram, so do pop over and show us your clutter (We’ll be using the hashtag #30daydeclutter )! Right, I’m off to look for my first 3 items of uselessness – the posibilities are literally endless, I’d start with the odd sock pile, but 3 wouldn’t even make a dent!

Happy decluttering everyone, and I’ll see you on the other side,


Verity x

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