Week 3: #InternetChairPainting: The Equipment

I must apologise for the lateness of this post – it was always going to happen and to be honest –I’m surprised I managed to deliver you all 3 weeks on time in a row. I have a good excuse though I promise. As you know #ICP comes out on a Wednesday , only this […]

Week 2: #InternetChairPainting: The Look

I am hopeful by now that you have The Chair-or at the very least you have a pretty good idea of which chair is The Chair.  If you don’t know what “The Chair” is, please check out last weeks blog post here. Anyway, this week we’re going to decide what you’d like The Chair to […]

Week 1: #InternetChairPainting: The Chair

If you are joining us now, welcome! I hope you are excited about #InternetChairPainting ? If you are new and this is the first post you are reading you should check out last night’s post – just so you can fully understand the very complex phenomenon of #InternetChairPainting . Verity x


So, Christmas and new year are long gone. You’ve broken all your New Year’ resolutions already, but fear not. I am on a mission to achieve something useful & I thought some of you may like to join me? Verity x

Let’s Shake-r up 2015

So it’s a new year! We’ve all eaten too much, spent too much, exercised too little and now the Christmas decorations are coming down the house is looking a bit bare. But there is a solution to this annual problem- go for a restyle! This year (well week anyway) I am obsessing about Shaker styled […]