Update to Life Hack No2

It must have been the excitement of telling you all how to fold fitted sheets that made me forget the actual “Life Hack” in the post! Well here it is- Verity x

Top 5 Life Hacks when moving is imminent: No2

Firstly I apologise for the delay in the top 5 Life Hacks for your home. I’m afraid holidays and life got in the way a bit this week. However, as I was hunting around the never ending Internet…as you do when you’re really busy and should be doing something else I discovered the holy grail […]

Fabric and Ribbon Memo Board Tutorial

These look much nicer than a cork board and can really add some colour to your kitchen or sitting room, without resorting to painting to the walls! Verity x

Top 5 Life Hacks when moving is imminent: No3

So we’re already on No3, having covered Offices that aren’t Offices (No4) and Command Strips (No5) and No3 is soooooooo straightforward I reckon you could probably manage it tonight! Drum roll please as I I traduced you to: Nice boxes. Now bare with me, I know it sounds a little unimaginative, but honestly-I’m talking lovely […]

Top 5 Life Hacks when moving is imminent: No4

Now the pressure is on tonight! After the success of No5: Command Strips No4 has got to be pretty useful too…so may I reveal at No4 pop pickers: The Home Office that isn’t an Office. Verity x

Top 5 Life Hacks when moving is imminent: No5

Now when I say imminent I don’t mean you’re likely to move house this week, I mean more like in the next 12-24 months or maybe a bit shorter, but in general: Life Hacks when you know your living accommodation isn’t permanent! Verity x

Vanessa Arbuthnott

I’ve just placed an order for some lovely Vanessa Arbuthnott fabric. It is dreamy, I love it. Vanessa is based in Cirencester and started her business on the kitchen table so I have to say I feel some affinity with her. Verity x

Pheasant Kitchen Linens

When I first started Rascal and Roses my focus was on beautiful painted furniture. Anything that moved got painted. I have to admit this is still the case, but as time has moved on, so has my interest in other things in the house. My latest love affair is firmly with fabric. Well, that is […]

Great British Bake Off Inspired Beauty

So, its finally back and no one quite knows why but everyone loves a bit of Great British Bake Off! The more you protest, the more you secretly love it, I am sure – that was almost entirely aimed at Maj C who is apparently less than thrilled at its return. So, while most people […]

Quick and easy family supper

So, when I moved the blog over here it was full of promise of new posts and exciting reads…so today I’ve decided to share a recipe for you, I can promise it works as it is what we had for dinner just now! Haddock with Dauphinoise Potatoes Verity x

Which way to the Beach?

So, second to the kitchen, which irritates me on a daily basis-the second room that is liable to send me into a jealous rage when we visit “normal” houses are bathrooms. There seem to be no avocado or brown bathroom suites left anymore. These used to cheer me up, because in general however ridiculous Army […]

Army Issue Kitchen: Part 2

Inspired by a late night Pinteret Trawl – yes that’s right I’m completely bonkers, honestly stay away from me I’m craaaaaaaaaaaaazy. Anyway, inspired by Pintrest I started looking at gorgeous kitchen storage solutions. And here are some of the best ideas to create your own country cottage feel. Vintage Cupboards. The more rickety the better. […]