Colour colour colour

One of the biggest problems I’ve found when people ask me to paint a piece of furniture for them, is which colour to use. Now clearly I don’t mean a problem like starving orphans in Africa, or lest we forget the flood victims of Somerset, but it is a problem none the less. The issue […]

Coffee Tables. Who knew…

That there is actually a proper way to style your coffee table! I don’t mean where to have it, or which table to choose, oh no; I mean what actually goes on your coffee table and where on your table it should go. There are people’s entire careers dedicated to coffee table styling. I am […]

Part 1: Need an office without losing a bedroom?

Of course you do! Unless you have too many rooms in your house in which case don’t worry about looking at this amazing space solutions for your home office! Sacrifice a built in wardrobe: Now all those in Military Quarters know that one thing you do have (lots of) are built in wardrobes. Clearly all […]

Introduction: The Army’s on the move…again & Photo Display Ideas

The sun is shining, the rain has stopped (for today at least) and we have been enjoying the beautiful Rutland Countryside. Now that The Rascal can toddle about dog walking is considerably easier, albeit considerably slower. Anyway, as we basked in  the sun I started wondering how long we would have to wait until we […]

#Craftblogclub Q & A

So, what an exciting and enjoyable evening. Just as a quick recap tonight was the Q & A session, hosted by me on Twitter (very ably assisted by #craftblogclub founder Emma from Frugally Peachy) and as always everyone at #Craftblogclub got involved and we even managed to Trend!! So, for those who prefer their answers […]

Question Time

I am not anticipating that this will be in any way shape or form like its television namesake. However, I am genuinely looking for all your paint related questions. The idea (as you can read about in the post below) is to create a useful Q & A guide to run alongside my “How to…” […]

#Craftblogclub "I Re-Love You"

Wowsa. You leave Twitter for a few weeks and the craft blog world explodes! Thanks to all Emma’s hardwork from what started as a few crafters chatting has turned into a crafting-trending phenomenon! Anyway, each month there is a challenge and this month is right up my street- “I Re-Love You” So, there are Loads of […]

Hello Again strangers and welcome to Coral

I must apologise for my utter absence since November. I’m afraid life got in the way a bit, but we’re all under control now! Maj C is back from his holidays and the Rascal is up and about (ALL the time, since she has learnt to walk) and my exams are over and I am […]