The week that was

I can’t believe it is almost a week ago since I wrote.We have had a very busy week here at Rascal & Roses HQ. Not only have I been working like a painting demon (think the Tasmanian Devil with a brush in both hands), but we have also been visiting and Maj C has been […]

The modern day Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back

Alternatively entitled: The Massive Wardrobe that Broke Maj C’s Goodwill. Title pretty much says it all. I was tipped off about a lovely wardrobe for sale here I’m Oakham. And lovely it was, and such a bargain (kind of, but for the purposes of ensuring my decision to buy was right) -a complete and utter […]

"Stuff I like"

There comes a time when people have to chose; Vintage or Shabby Chic, vintage or shabby chic, vintage or shabby chic or just plain and simple Upcycle? Well my time to chose should be now, but I can’t so I refuse to. Instead I have decided I’m just going to chose “stuff I like”.It is […]

The Google Machine or the Paint Brush?

So, the painting bit is seemingly easy – the problem is once you start trying to sell said beautiful painted items! Where do you go if you just want to sell your wares? Take a page in the papers? Apparently not – so 1980s, apply on a postcard in the local postoffice? Small problem, no […]

So many Colours so Lttle Time – Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

So, the weather has been amazing, utter bliss. However, this has meant that my plans to work like a Trojan on new pieces has suffered somewhat. But I still managed to do some work- albeit not in the least bit strenuous, in fact unless I could do it with a nice cool drink in my […]

Its Gin o’clock

Well, it probably actually is in most civilised households, but here at Rascal and Roses HQ we have to wait for the Rascal to go to bed. Tonight though we will be celebrating the momentous achievement (of her being in bed) by having a drink outside, using my new decoupaged tray! I love it, it only took […]

British Summertime and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint time

It’s officially a fabulous week to be British, The Lions win the tour down under, Murray raises the Wimbledon trophy and the weather is glorious! The UK is the very best place to be in a proper summer, but here in Rascal and Roses HQ we’ve had a mixed few days.It started on Thursday when […]

It’s summertime!

We are absolutely loving the sun here at Rascal and Roses HQ, yippee! The rascal is a big fan and Stanley the puppy is jubilant at all the time in the garden.But as always, due to the gorgeous weather I have been so preoccupied the blog has been abandoned some what. No need for panic […]

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint – #more than paint?

It’s finally here, all please kneel before the true glory of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint; revealed through the resurrection of my pine towel rail. A rail that has not graced any discerning house since 1979  returns to my guest bedroom. Yes that’s right excited readers-the towel rail is complete and in use. Clearly now this […]

Decoupage Passion and Craqueleur

Ok, so its been at least 3 days and I am still a massive fan of decoupage – yes its official, this craze has stuck (hahaha – nothing better than a crafty joke – yes that was 2 jokes in consecutive sentences). I digress; having done lots and lots of research I feel fully qualified now […]