The Blogging Conundrum

Like I said, it’s late, I’m knackered but today has been awesome! Not only have I celebrated a rather staggering 30 years on earth, but the rascal and I have Ben super duper busy. The matriarch is staying while Maj C is away and we have has a fun packed day. Too tired to do […]

It’s all in the preparation

Well that’s what the best procrastinators say and I would class myself as one of the best. So in short today I’ve taken the rascal swimming-awesome, celebrated my unbirthday-as Maj C is away on the actual day-I got some lovely stuff (more later), we went to a BBQ in the rain, filled up our neighbours […]

@rascalandroses Monumental Days

Well, there has been excitement galore at Rascal and Roses HQ in the last 2 days. Firstly we are now in the twittersphere @rascalandroses and this in itself is pretty amazing, and yes I did it on my own without Maj C’s or Girl-About-Town’s or even my bro (Web Boy’s) help (they are my own […]

Mod Podge Mad

Ok ok, so some people think I may be a bit fickle. I do not agree, rather I like to think I have an all encompassing personality. Well, perhaps they are right because while only a week ago my new obsession was Pinterest, time has moved on and my new favourite thing in the world […]

We should all sew more

In response to highly unmotivational post yesterday I decided that I would take the opportunity to do something with my evening. And after 4 hours work – well 4 hours which included eating Mj C’s delicious chicken fajitas (with homemade tortillas) and shouting at The Apprentice for an hour- the fruits (well fruit) of my […]

Times flies when

You have a baby! Honestly, I cannot believe the last time I posted was Saturday-that was 5 days ago (yes I have baby brain, but I can still count to at least 5)! Ok, so stating the obvious does not really make my point, in those 5 days many many monumental things may have happened. […]


I am addicted to Pinterest. I am literally in love with it. I caution you, enter at your own risk it may take over your life. If I’m honest i don’t really understand it, but I love it, so many beautiful things, so little time. That is all- I’m afraid I have to get back to […]

Mixing Annie Sloan colours

For those of you that are wondering whether Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is for you, let me show you what sold it for me. Well, as you all know, the towel rail is still standing in the potting shed I waxed, but I did manage to find the perfect example of why Chalk Paint is […]

Beautiful shabby chic paint

I’ve been buying paint to enhance my life, or as Maj C insists, spending money to bankrupt him! Either way, who cares I have 2 new Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colours and they are gorgeous- duck egg blue (the classic) and country grey (so classy). But what a palava, it’s hard choosing colour, seriously hard.  I […]

Shabby chic Cupboard Upcycled

The towel rail is still drying in the shed, but while we wait I thought I’d show you another little project. This was Indian wood and very dark-lovely, but not really in keeping with anything else we had. So, many moons ago I painted this white, I used satin wood and it was emotional indeed. […]

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Rutland

So, the key enabler to my vintage furniture addiction is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I am new to the craze, but an utter convert. In the name of research I spent all of The Rascal’s nap time googling-rather than doing housework-luckily Major C is familiar with my weakness for shabby chic and my inability to […]

Vintage furniture prepare to be transformed

Today I managed to persuade Major C to take me to a fab place in Stamford, Lincolnshire in order to curb my shabby chic and vintage furniture addiction. I have a need to paint! It’s very exciting. I got some vintage crates which are going to make amazing trays once they are cleaned up, a […]